Crystal Therapy - Gemstones and Crystals as healing tools

25 February, 2024
Crystal therapy Crystal therapy

Crystal therapy is a form of alternative medicine practice that involves the use of precious gemstones and crystals. It is estimated to have been around for almost 6,000 years in some form or another. Some of these include quartz, agate, amethyst, or opals. It is also known as a form of vibrational medicine. It involves the use of crystals or gemstones to assist healing. Let us now look at crystal therapygemstones and crystals as healing tools.

Crystal Therapy - Gemstones and Crystals as healing tools.

Gemstones harbor spiritual and healing properties that can be enabled in diverse ways. Whereas crystals can be placed in a location where their healing and spiritual vibrations can be felt. They can also be worn or carried on by a person. Whoever wears or carries the crystal can feel the healing vibrations of these crystals. They can also be placed on a person’s body by a healer to cure their aura and chakras.  

Every type of stone has its unique properties. These usually depend on the gemstone's color, shape, and texture. Most healing crystals that can cure, you have been used for divination and meditation purposes. It is your choice to choose the type of stone that suits you. Make sure to keep your hands and heart open which will allow the right healing crystal to find its way to you.

How do Healing Crystals work?

There are supposedly two ways that healing crystals can affect an individual, these are– vibration and mindset. Let's look at these two.

• Vibration– The term often associated with healing crystals is vibrational medicine. This is because it is believed that haling crystal can change the vibrational frequency of the body. It can adjust it to match the vibration of the crystal being used. They can be used to intensify the natural healing process of the body. Crystals are known to have the same wavelength as the human body and hence vibrate in the same resonance. What healing crystals do is, they attract higher frequency energies towards you while at the same type repelling lower tier frequencies. 

• Mindset– In many ways crystal healing can also be used to channel the power of the mind in a positive sense. Throughout history, many religious, spiritual leaders and poets looked to crystal as a source of inspiration and devotion. They looked at crystals as being pure and perfect. Most researchers also agree that to have good health and heal faster, mindset plays a key role. Practitioners of mindfulness meditation have suggested that a conscious mindset of healing crystal can help immensely. It can bring in focus, immunity and reduce stress. 

How to use Healing Crystal?

There are various ways to use crystals. We will look at some of them here.  

• Meditation– Whenever during meditation your mind wanders, you can look at healing crystals that represent a mantra or intention. Gemstones can also be arranged according to the month of birth

• Wearing– Most people wear crystals on their skin or keep them around themselves to reap the most benefit out of them. Placing the crystal on a person’s chakra or energy center can have quick and immediate healing effects. 

• Decor– You can always add crystals to your home decor, this will help maintain ‘feng shui’ inside your home. 

• Spa and wellness– If you ever go for a spa or massage, you may well notice them using crystal or gemstones as part of their practice. 

Benefits of Crystal Healing

There are certain benefits to crystal healing, and we will discuss some of them below. There has always been a connection between healing and astrology

• Stress relief– Crystal therapy can help reduce stress by relieving anxiety, pressure and calming the mind and body. 

• Protection- They can be a great tool to protect yourself from harmful energies. These might include psychic attacks or electromagnetic radiation. 

• Healing– Crystal therapy can help stimulate the body’s natural healing process and support our immune system. 

• Balance– If you do crystal therapy regularly it will help to realign the chakras in your body and will reenergize your body. 

• Intuition– Crystal therapy will open your third eye so that you enhance your intuition and your psychic abilities. 

• Love– It will invite the higher frequency energies of love and peace into your life and household. You will also see your day-to-day relationship strengthen even more. 

Popular Healing Crystals and Stones

There are a variety of healing crystals and stones but let us look at some of the most popular ones 

• Quartz (Rose & clear)- Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It will not only help you to attract romantic love in your life but will also improve your relationships overall. Clear quartz is known to be the master healer. It will help to realign and clear your chakras and energetically assimilate to all other crystals. Higher states of mind and consciousness can be manifested through clear quartz. 

• Amethyst– Amethyst will help you to remove all negative addictions and behaviors from your life. It also increases our natural intuition while sending calming signals to the nervous system. 

• Moonstone– Through moonstone, you can acquire your inner wisdom. Moonstone will also enhance your intuition and help process change and patterns. 

• Obsidian– Obsidian can be used as a shield to protect you from negative energies and keep your aura clean.  

You need to be sure that the healing crystals or stones that you buy are also kept physically clean. The area around them should also be maintained as such so their aura can be protected and enhanced. This will allow them to function much more effectively and smoother when you wear them or carry them around. One way to energize your crystals is to keep them under a full moon in the night. This will allow them to clean up their negative energies and revitalize them so they can work with full power.

Crystal therapy can be an effective tool to bring into your life and you will reap the positive rewards of their energies.

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