The connection between Astrology and Healing

18 November, 2022
The connection between Astrology and Healing The connection between Astrology and Healing

Have you ever noticed? When a child falls while running he immediately gets up, dusts his dress, and starts running again. But if somebody comforts them, the child starts crying. Suddenly his goal of reaching somewhere vanishes, forgets to dust, and instead takes refuge in his comforter.

Isn't it true for elders as well? We become weaker when we get a shoulder to lean on and forget to dust away our sorrows. As we are in too much of a hurry to seek remedy for relief, without delving deeper into the root cause of the problem. It is important to look for guidance or help, but the healing process will flourish only if you become the custodian of your life.

Dusting away the sorrows of life with your hand starts the healing process. It gives us the strength to move on. Otherwise, many times we are stuck at the same point, forget to dust and allow it to smother us from within. 

There will be an assured recovery if healing is done within and not outsourced.

Introspection combined with a guiding force will miraculously change your life.

Disease, stress, anxiety or any suffering can be controlled only by you. All you need to do is focus your energy to bring changes that can contribute to the healing process. Astrology helps to focus energy toward the healing process.

Ever thought about what makes two people so different?

There are people entangled with varied negative emotions like anger, jealousy, hatred, desire, fear, guilt, and rebellion feelings, not realizing their harmful effects in the long run. Parallelly there are also people full of positive emotions of love, sympathy, empathy, kindness, giving, helping, etc. These characteristics are largely the result of the cosmic arrangement of the universe at the time of birth.

Astrology directs to undertake Conscious Changes during the healing journey

All the planets together in combination, frame the energy within us that shapes our intellect, hope, attitude, outlook, and essence of life. And as we start functioning accordingly it forms our karmic life cycle. That’s why it is very important to know or understand the genesis or source of existing karmic energies.

Astrology reveals our Karmic connection with the planets, its impact, and its benefits on the happiness and sorrows in life.

Astrology helps to understand Karmic patterns based on your planetary positions. Accordingly, it guides you to enhance life experiences by connecting you with the planet responsible for it. And also suggest changes in lifestyle or behaviour to mitigate the problems connected with the malefic planet in the birth chart. Many Vedic rituals with mantra chanting are being performed to rectify detrimental planets in the chart.

Besides remedial measures, it also helps us to connect with ourselves, create self-awareness, and instil positive energy to accomplish the goals of life.

The forecast made based on the cosmic arrangements during birth can be used to change or modify suffering in life by consciously pulling out a certain behaviour pattern.

Thus, astrology gives a Bird’s eye view of human life and aligns our body to the soul.

“When we align with our soul, we find peace, purpose, and power.”

The planetary arrangements can track down your physical and emotional health conditions.

In Astrology, there is a systematic study of the connection between the planetary structure of the solar system and the mechanics of the function of the human body and mind.

It almost accurately draws a parallel between the “body” of the solar system with the human body. An expert astrologer can use these correlations in the native birth chart to heal his miseries.

Your birth chart planets tell your innate nature and qualities. Because it coincides with the inherent qualities/traits of planets. A lot of permutations and combinations are involved in carrying out such analysis. As each planet has its specific traits, that may dilute in conjunction with another planet.

Each planet plays a different role at different stages of life.

If we are well equipped in advance to deal with the challenges of life.

Won’t it make our life smoother?

Are you still wondering about the connection between Astrology and Healing?

I read somewhere “The horoscope is the music of soul projected into the body. It is a graphic representation of the forces that vitalize and maintain your body”.

Traditionally astrology was utilized by medical experts to cure ailing patients. They would often use herbs as medicine based on pessimistic or optimistic responses of herbs to a particular planet.

Few basic herbal remedies to amend the weak planet in your chart

Sun: To strengthen Sun Fiery and spicy herbs are used. Include black pepper, dry ginger, cinnamon, saffron, cardamom, and cayenne in the food. It will improve blood circulation and heart conditions.

Moon: Herbs that are a light colour, yellow or white like Chamomile, Jasmine, Lemon, and Camphor. You can also apply healing oil of lotus, lily, or jasmine on your heart.

Jupiter: A weak Jupiter indicates weak learning ability or lesser wisdom. So, herbs like Ginseng, Bala, turmeric, sage, clove, and Ashwagandha, are highly beneficial. Interestingly if you keep a banana or turmeric root tied in a yellow cloth close to your body it will energize planet Jupiter in the native’s chart.

Mercury: The shortest and closest planet to Sun, referred to as the messenger of Gods. Mint, Sage, Lavender, Camomile, Fennel, Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Dill are the best herbal remedies for weak Mercury. Do you know the Tulsi plant is connected to Mercury Planet? According to astrologers Tulsi plant dries due to weak Mercury. And blossoms due to the strong position of Mercury in the chart. Tulsi is also offered to Lord Vishnu, the ruler of the planet, Mercury.

Mars: It represents our inner aggression, physical desires, anger, ambition, power, violence and survival. It can get very aggressive and harm you if not controlled at the appropriate time. The Herbs that are good for the Sun works for Mars as well like cinnamon, saffron, cayenne, or black pepper. But for effective results, you need to combine it with ginseng, astragalus, ashwagandha, guggul, or myrrh. Apart from this, some bitter herbs like echinacea and goldenseal and herbs are also helpful to cure weak Mars.

Venus: It is the planet of Love, Passion, Luxury, beauty, comfort, and happiness. Equally bright and vibrant herbs are used to strengthen Venus’s position like fragrant roses, cardamom, lavender, saffron, jasmine, lotus, lily, and iris. Other good herbs like white musali, amalaki, aloe gel, rehmannia dang gui and red raspberry also contribute to energize weak Venus.

Saturn: This outermost icy planet of the Solar system is a great equalizer of Karma. Some good herbs for a weak Saturn are myrrh, frankincense, guggul, ashwagandha, shilajit, and haritaki. Triphala ayurvedic herbal mix is extremely beneficial for Saturn, as it cleanses the body. Aromatic oils like Cedar, Sandalwood, and Juniper for therapeutic purposes work wonders.

Rahu: It is the planet of material wealth, fear, dissatisfaction and confusion. To strengthen a weak planet Calamus or Vach is the best herb for Rahu. Aromas of camphor, bayberry, sage, eucalyptus, or wintergreen may help to calm the negative effect of Rahu. Tying a Rosemary with Sweet Chandan mool around your arm, Waist, or neck is recommended in case of weak Rahu in the chart.

Ketu: It intensifies the spiritual feelings of natives. Bhringaraj is the best herb to mitigate or cure Ketu’s malefic effects. Other herbs like sage, calamus, Gotu kola, Passionflower, bayberry, wild ginger, and juniper also help those afflicted by Ketu. Aromatic oils like Camphor, cedar, myrrh, and frankincense may give some relief.

Ayurveda combines medical astrology to understand the best healing time for the patient. Medical astrology connects various parts of the body, ailments, and miseries of life with the effects of the Sun, Moon, planets, and the 12 signs.

It is important to understand the position of these planets in your horoscope to perceive the source of suffering and pain in life. 

The Sun, and any relevant aspects with it. It has the most powerful influence on a native’s overall personality. Sun frames the personality which you project to the outside world.

The Moon, and any relevant aspects. It influences our lives more frequently than any other planet because the moon stays in any sign only for 2.5 days. Because of its fast transition time, it impacts our emotions, behaviour, temperament, and mental health almost on daily basis. It reflects internal changes in individuals.

The 6th House, and any planets located in that house. The Ascendant or rising sign plus any planets in the 1st House. 

Venus also helps to understand the overall well-being of a person. It is the planet of love, partnership, and relationship which is a very important aspect of life.`

All these analyses in your birth chart will provide sufficient information about your health and also the specific area that needs your immediate attention.

But you will need an expert professional astrologer to guide you through the healing journey based on the Cosmic Space.

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