Benefits of Aarties in daily Life

14 August, 2020
Benefits of Aarties in daily Life Benefits of Aarties in daily Life

Aarties are integral parts of the Hindu rituals. After every puja or Anushthan, Aarti is performed. It is done to pay respect and gratitude to God.

Aarti is done with a lighted wick called diya or jyoti on a plate. This plate is rotated clockwise in front of the idol of the Deity. This is accompanied by a hymn dedicated to that God praising him and seeking his blessings.

Aarti symbolizes the light that destroys the darkness of bad deeds or negativity of any form, as is told by its name Aarti only. The word Aarti has been derived from the root Sanskrit word Aratrika (a+ ratri+ ka), which means the one that destroys the darkness of the night. One more meaning of the word Aarti is known i.e. A + Rati where 'A' means to increase, and 'rati' means inclination or love. This means Aarti is done to increase the devotee's inclination towards God

Benefits of Aarti

  • Fire is the basic element of Aarti that is known for its purification aspect. It creates a purified and a divine aura around the Deity being worshipped. Thus Aarti creates a positive and purified surrounding around the Deity who in turn purifies hearts and thoughts.
  • Sometimes camphor is used in place of a wick. It burns completely when lighted. This symbolizes complete surrender in front of God. It also indicates the sacrifice of the ego and enhancing humiliation. It reminds devotees of their immortality and that they should overcome worldly wishes
  • This also teaches to lead a life like camphor that burns completely to illuminate and spread a fragrance even after it is no more there. One should also learn to spend such a life that is lived to worship God, help others, and be     remembered by others after death through good deeds.
  • It connects the devotees with God. During the Aarti devotees involuntarily close their eyes and get connected to their deep inner selves.
  • Aarti clears the hindrances of the lives and shows the path to the devotees as they are connected with God, who leads them on the path of success.
  • Devotion and spirituality of the devotee are enhanced and he or she feels closer to God. Spiritualty makes devotees spiritually, emotionally, religiously, and physically strong. Thus Aarti is beneficial for good health too.
  • The Chaitanya or the consciousness of the idol of the Deity is at the most functional during Aarti, so the seeker is benefitted the most at this time, it is because of this fact that people gather in the temples at the time of the Aarti. The bhajan or the Aarti  sung at that time too have a divine effect on the devotees. The subtle meanings of the words being sung reach the idols of the deities and reflect on the devotees having a very deep and positive effect on them. They carry the Satvagunas of the idols of the Deities to the devotees that in turn enhance their Satvik gunas.
  • The frequencies emerging from these SatvikGunas, create a protective armour around the soul of the one offering Aarti to God. This armour is called Tarangkavacha, which saves the soul from the negativity around.

Thus one should develop the habit of performing Aarti daily in one's home. This will make a person emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and physically strong. 


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