Importance of Spiritual Mantras

22 August, 2020
Importance of Spiritual Mantras Importance of Spiritual Mantras

Spiritual Mantras are the words or the phrases we repeat while offering our prayers or doing meditations.

It has been proved that reciting Mantras or chanting calms down a turmoiled or a stressed mind. Neuroscience too has acknowledged that Mantras have a powerful and positive impact on the human mind. Now the question arises what are Mantras?

The Science of Mantras

The word ‘Mantra’ is derived from the root word‘Man’ which means "to think". Mantras have a soothing melody and a defined mathematical precision that has the same effect on the reciter as well as on the listener if any.The Mantras work with their effect on different parts of the body by spreading the vibrations caused by the sound of their chanting. 

The origin of the Mantras can be dated back to the early Vedic Period. The Mantras include verses from all the four Vedas.

Importance of Mantras

Religious : There are different Mantras to please different Deities and there are different Mantras for different rituals as well. No Hindu ritual is complete without Mantras. There is one Mantra for every ritual.  

Spiritual  : Spiritually Mantras make us calm and focussed. They are very instrumental in developing inner peace. Spiritually Mantras make us calm and focussed. They are very instrumental in developing inner peace. They bring positive changes in the mind and a positive aura is created around the body of the practitioner. 

The human body has a Chakra System consisting of seven Chakras those Chakras are responsible for conducting the electromagnetic currents through the body with the help of Nadis or channels. The sounds of Mantras cause vibrations through these channels sending waves through Chakras and thus controlling the spiritual body which in turn regulates the nervous system of the practitioner. In this way, the practitioner gets a balanced and calm mind.

Emotional  : Mantras relieve the stress away from the mind. They stabilize the mind and prepares the mind to face negative emotions like jealousy, fear, anger, negativity, remorse, etc. Meditation with Mantras brings in positive energy and one becomes equipped with the power to face all the negative emotions from inside as well as from outside. We live in a very busy, stressful, and materialistic world. We all are always very much prone to all the negativity around but with the practice of chanting Mantras daily, it becomes easy to take all the negativity by one’s stride easily.

A Positive mindset is followed by other positive emotions like love, compassion, sympathy, etc that are fundamental in becoming a great personality. 

The One who practices Mantras daily in his life is emotionally and psychologically strong and is always ahead of others.

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