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07 April, 2018

Who was Mikao Usui? Mikao Usui is credited to rediscover the ancient root system that treated patients with meditation now termed as Reiki. Hence we can say that Reiki - a technique in modern times known as alternative method of healing. Born on the 15th August 1865, in Yamagata district of Japan. He was the founder of spiritual practise of Reiki. It was initially regarded as the complimentary therapy to cure physical, emotional and mental diseases. This has now become an alternate therapeutic medical method of treatment.

Reiki before Mikao Usui:

Even though Mikao Usui is credited for practicing Reiki, but according the documents of two other exponents of Reiki. Hioshi Doi Sensei, Toshitaka Mochitizuki Sensei were two other Reiki researcher and exponents. But as the practise of alternate medicine and healing process started with Mikao Usui itself.

Teachings of Usui

The common phrase for the Mikao Usui teachings is- Usui Reiki Ryoho. Here Ryoho is made of 2 words Ryo means to cure or heal, and Ho means- Method or teachings. Hence according to Usui Reiki is teachings related to cure or healing.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the true energy within oneself lying at the bottom of the stomach. In order to get that energy to come from within a person needs to concentrate and meditate for the energy to free flow. Reiki is self- rediscovery, the true self is the ultimate healing process.

Meaning of Healing:

Healing does not only mean to physically heal, one self or other, rather to heal the heart and mind. The complete state of well- being is called healing. When a person is physically and mentally agilest and stable respectively. It is said that the person is on the verge of attaining the reiki.

Reiki Sessions:

A normal reiki session is 60 to 90 minutes long. At the beginning of the session the Reiki Practioner will discuss about the session and talk to clients. The Reiki Practioner gives the chance to the client to discuss their problems and issues that they want to get freedom from, by the end of session.


Reiki is normally performed on the person who is completely reclined in the on the massage table. If a client has a pain in some part of the body, this has to be conveyed to the practioner. So that a complete comfortable position is achieved.

Medical Science and Reiki:

Reiki has proved viable in curing many diseases that may or may not be chronic. Such as chronic pains, that has been taking lives of many people all over the world.

Chronic Pain and Reiki:

Reiki has resolved this problem by the free flow of energy. The result is reduced pain and tension at the same time patients suffering from pain because of cancer. It also have found that Reiki has proved to be helpful and successful.

Cancer and Reiki:

Because reiki is a non- invasive technique. In other words it is a technique that does not cause any side effects or create any type of complications. And it can be performed by the medical practioner, whether recently diagnosed or suffering from cancer since long time. This has proved beneficial as it includes reduction of anxiety, and enhances relaxation. And maintain a balance among the patient who have completed their cancer treatment.

Reiki for treating Depression:

Reiki has treated depression as it has helped in relation. It also combats anxiety making a persons mind free and peaceful and de clutters the life. It also enables the client to connect to another person as well.


At the end we can say that the Reiki as we know it today is actually the creation of Maiko Usui. And we have also seen that the reiki has proved to be to be beneficiary.

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