Aquarius Moon Sign

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Aquarius Moon Sign

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The Moon in Aquarius bestows the person with humanitarian qualities. They like to take care of people and are always willing to lend a comforting hand to people in need. They are idealistic and able to care for the global village but could be a little detached when it comes to those closer to home, paradoxically. They are honest and posses integrity. They do not cheat others and are very reliable partners they are one of those people which are not accused of double crossing ever in their life .they are quick learners and are keen observers of things. They are life-time students of human nature, loving to analyze why people do what they do. They have strong religious beliefs and have philosophical nature. The Moon in Aquarius favors all forms of humanitarian, political, and educational pursuits, exploration in all fields, authorship, and astrology too.

Lunar Aquarians can be very willful, especially in childhood. With age, these natives generally learn to handle their strong needs. Their desire for independence is powerful indeed, no matter what their age. . They are generally proud of their family members, boasting just how unique they are. Lunar Aquarians generally give others a lot of personal freedom, and they will tolerate and enjoy all kinds of idiosyncrasies in people around them. they are trustworthy and loyal. They are sometimes very unpredictable people and can do the unexpected surprisingly.

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