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All About Gemini Sun Sign

The foremost thing you notice in a Gemini, the third sign of zodiac, is that they love to talk. And that’s no idle chatter. Geminis are intellectually inclined with the mind of an explorer. When it comes to facts and information, “more is less” for them. Such vast knowledge makes them extremely bright and quick witted. People born under this sign have gone to become great entertainers a few being Bob Hope Paul McCartneyJohnny DeppAngelina Jolie, and Anne Frank.

The mascot vouching for Gemini is the Twins, perfectly showcasing their dual nature. Their ability to see both sides of a coin makes exceptional debaters and diplomats.

Because of their Mutable quality, their behavior is dominated by their whims. This also makes people born under Gemini zodiac sign flexible and adaptable who respond positively to any change.

The Gemini sun sign is ruled by the planet Mercury (Hermes), the messenger god with winged feet. This directly translates to their communication and a mind that thinks “on the feet.” They are both curious and clever. They are fast learners and an interesting company for anyone, be it the doorman or the President. Most people assume Geminis to be a bad listener but that’s untrue. Geminis are patient listeners, provided you have a meat to share.

Charming and congenial, they are a hit at cocktail parties. Their speech is swift and articulate.

Dexterous and creative, Gemini born are always bringing forth new ideas. No wonder, why it is the sign of the inventor.

However, picking the best idea, executing a plan till the end, may not be their cup of tea.

The Gemini element is the intellectual Air. This gives them an unrivalled thought process that shells out logical and practical ideas. Geminis strive to become a team’s asset with a fun-filled work style and objective approach. Gemini people usually have a good height, slim body and a pale complexion. Their eyes, however, are a sight which brightens up with the very idea of a new idea. Their features are sharp and attractive with a multitude of expressions. Another physical trait pinned to Gemini is theiryouthful exuberance which keeps them young even as they age. Their disposition is confident, full of fineness and laid-back.

Bright shades of yellow such as lemon, ochre, orange, etc. charge a Gemini up and fill them with fresh vitality.

Coming to sports, Geminis are a natural for teams and camaraderie of games. While they are forever ready to go out and play, you’d never find them giving up on a library or book club visit. The Twins have a strong affinity for literature.

Move on to learn more about Gemini love and relationships.

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