CORONAVIRUS World was going as its usual self till 2019. People, all over the world, went on to their 9-5 job, students would go to their usual schools and universities, housewives, house helps and toddlers continued doing their respective jobs. Environment continued to suffer from man-made equipments. Animal and birds either hid themselves or continued to be trapped without any fault of theirs.

December 2019 hits and boom everything, every nation, every economy and every person starts to bear the thrust of a major change brought upon them by a deadly virus. Corona virus or Covid-19 is an infectious disease caused by a recently discovered virus for the first time in China. The occurrence of this disease has given rise to a battlefield of opinions and discussions. Millions of people have debated upon whether it is a man made infection by China used as a biological weapon against the other economies or it is genuinely derived from weird choice of delicacies in China like eating bats. Till date, millions of people are affected and lakhs have succumbed to death due to this pandemic. Many nations are practicing complete or partial lockdown to contain the spread of this deadly virus. Although lockdown seems to be a good way to containment, it cannot be the sole weapon to beat the prevalent widespread. Globally, people are seen getting anxious and all stressed as to when this thing is going to end.


People are arguing about the unfortunate events occurring since the beginning of 2020. Be it bush fires in Australia or Syria attacks or terrorism in India, there seems to be going an endless war between thoughts and actions. What people actually need to dwell upon is nothing is 100 % definite in this world. Planets can retrograde anytime and anywhere but they can never fully operate the world. Likewise Astrological predictions based on planets and horoscope has high chances of being correct or worthless at the same time. Astrological predictions are only subject to any coincidence happening accordingly. Those who have been quoting ancestral astrologers like Nostradamus are only projecting a hoax devoid of any substantial proof. Amid the spread of the virus, the world has received a good news that was never heard from so many decades. The mother earth is healing, the long lost species of birds and aquamarine beings are coming back, rivers are gaining back their purity and originality. The need of the hour is to concentrate about how this Lockdown can benefit us spiritually and individually. People have always cribbed about they never get to spend quality time with their family, DO IT NOW.

Play with your kids, spend time with your family, engage yourself spiritually by doing meditation and yoga. Indulge yourself in hobbies that bring eternal peace to your mind and happiness to your being as a whole and if possible add new skill/s. Every change comes with challenges and opportunities. Succumbing one to the thought of when the climax will arrive is not going to be of any worth. Staying positive and seizing every opportunity that leads to the betterment of individual is the demand of the day.

WHAT SHOULD WE DO? The government is doing its best but the fact remains that though its efforts can only contain the epidemic, they cannot kill the virus if we do not cooperate. To beat the virus, we need toboost our immunity. Eating fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C content can help us boost our immunity. Engaging in physical practices like yoga and pranayam has been proved to be highly effective in getting rid of this infection.

Spiritually indulging practices like meditation and prayers has always been a sweet weapon to kill the negative demon living in our minds and healing our spiritual and physical self. We need to adapt ourselves to the new situation. Yes, the world is going to change a lot, the traditions, rituals, practices and face of the occasions are going to change drastically. It is best for us to grow with the changes and grab any right set of circumstance that leads us to the path of self and society betterment.

We should charge our energies in the direction of healing and of physical and spiritual upliftment. Government initiated application Arogyasetu app is one such step which can protect people by updating about the information of any positive infected case around them. It also assist people in reviewing their own health and alert authorities about any alarming detail needing attention.

One can download this application on their mobile phones and insert authentic details.

One can and must chant certain mantras to live a happy mind and healthy framework life. Performing Maha mritunjay puja can contain virus threat and restore the world back to health. Mantras when chanted, give rise to energies that help in curing the devotee and purifying the environment of those around him/her. One can also try simple remedies as burning Camphor(kapoor )and cloves(laung) and spread the essence in and around the house; drinking water from container with energized rudraksha in it.

Remember that it is not Survival of the fittest but the Survival of the quickest time. The one who adapts to the situation first has higher chance of surviving through the toughest of times.

Stay updated, Stay safe, Stay happy!

God Bless You.

Senior Astrologer and Vastu Expert with Ask Ganesha
Qualified with Masters (Pharmacy), Jyotish Shiromani and Jyotish Acharya Degrees.

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