Astrology and Diseases

28 May, 2019

Health is Wealth is a very powerful quote of all times but it has become clichd as people are more concerned about earning Wealth, making a career, scope of children or some or the other income issues. There are very few people who go to astrologers for their health problems as Astrology and Diseases go hand in hand until it is serious and no amount of medical attention is improving the condition. However, you can opt for a health report to get an idea about the overall health according to the horoscope.   12 houses of astrology

12 houses of the Horoscope

There are twelve different houses in a horoscope which represents the human body parts, Astrology, and Diseases related to them.

  • First House represents longevity and self, complete health, complexion and appearance, brain, face and skull of an individual
  • Next is the Second House which signifies right eye, neck, throat, mouth, teeth, larynx, gums and gullet
  • Third House is symbolic of ears, arms, shoulders and hands, nerves and right ear
  • The fourth House symbolizes breasts, lungs, chest, elbow joint and stomach
  • Fifth House represents the heart and belly, heart, spine, spleen, and liver
  • Sixth House stands for kidney, large intestine, digestive system, uterus, colon, and anus
  • Seventh House signifies glands, private parts, buttocks, renal system, lower back and adrenals
  • Eighth House represents pelvis, scrotum, seminal vesicles, venereal diseases, sex organs, prostate gland, and ovaries
  • Ninth House symbolizes thighs, hips, knees, bones, joints, back and hairs
  • Tenth House rules joints, knees, and bones
  • Eleventh House rules calves, left ear, circulation, left arm, legs, teeth, left ear and ankle
  • Twelfth House represents a lymphatic system, left eye, feet, and teeth

  12 houses of astrology

How Astrology and Diseases affect the person?

Astrology is predicting every rise and fall, every success and failure, good or bad and even medical condition of an individual. The horoscope of the person acts as an X-ray report and can predict the diseases or health problems he or she is likely to face. The medical condition of any individual can be predicted during the birth of a child after seeing the horoscope. The study of twelve houses can help in forecasting the medical condition and taking preventive cure before the doctor can medically examine the condition. Horoscopes help in predicting certain common problems such as digestive problem, constipation, diarrhea, piles, and skin problems, feeling extreme weakness in the body, heart troubles, bone problems, neurotic problems, fertility problem, mental problems, and many other health issues.

How astrologers can help you?

An expert astrologer can tell you about some of the diseases after analyzing the twelve houses of the horoscope. Astrology is a science of deep knowledge and involves a lot of permutation and combination which means there are much good and bad yogas in a horoscope. At times there can be non-prediction of some diseases but that is possible in very rare cases. Some of the health issues may be visible to the astrologer and they may need to do a very detailed horoscope check. An astrologer may have to spend a lot of time and study it in depth to find any type of major health issues as it is not possible to do so in the standard analysis. But, if the individual can tell their disease, it becomes quite easy to trace the reason or which Yoga is having trouble. Once the problem is detected, certain Vedic remedies and treatment can be suggested by the astrology.   astrology and diseases

Astrological Remedies for the disease

The astrology and diseases can be treated much faster certain remedies if medicines are not working enough. There are certain examples of the disease such as extreme fatigue or weakness from a long time and is on medicines but after certain astrological remedies, they are able to gain their health back. These remedies are specific and are not common for all people. The astrological remedies include certain yantras such as Mahamritunjay Yantra and categories of certain Mantras like Bajrang Mantra. Gemstones can also be a very effective remedy for treating and preventing all types of diseases. Gemstones are proven to be magical and can treat many specific diseases which are common. These stones have special qualities which benefit people just after days or hours. Astrologers suggest certain gemstones to treat the disease among people of the different horoscope as per Astrology and Diseases.   You can consult the astrologers from Askganesha if you are facing certain health issues. There are certain mantras and yantras which they can suggest as the best remedy for you depending upon your horoscope.

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