Can astrology Aid in improving health problems? The 7 Chakras and the Planetary analysis are applied for Health Remedies

26 April, 2022
Can astrology Aid in improving health problems? The 7 Chakras and the Planetary analysis are applied for Health Remedies Can astrology Aid in improving health problems? The 7 Chakras and the Planetary analysis are applied for Health Remedies

We all have had ancient health tips from our grandparents for e.g before leaving for work drink a glass of sugar water, avoid meat, feed cows and monkeys, donate red-colour clothes, and feed birds. Many must have followed obediently, but have you ever questioned them why should we do it? Probably only some would have the answer. My curiosity was aroused last year when my uncle got admitted to the hospital with severe disease. The doctors had lost hope, but we did not. I remember the day doctor asked to pray for his health, we spoke to our acquaintance astrologer. He informed many things about the uncles health condition, from an astrology or planetary position perspective. And gave us a list of remedial actions for the next 10 days. Some of them were:

  • Every Morning Gopal Kavach mantra chanting by the person suffering
  • Donate any grain every day to needy
  • 108 times Mahamrityunjaya Jaap

Trust me within a few days we could feel the difference in his emotional and mental willpower. The astrology remedies developed a fighting spirit in all of us. Consequently, it got him onto the recovery track. In fact, for the first time, I witnessed astrology health remedies aiding medical treatment. And the patient responded very well, wondering what triggered the recovery. Was it the astrology health remedies or medical science or a combination of the two?

After exploring I discovered the following facts that will definitely be informative for you as well.

There are three main planets that affect the health Sun, Mars, and Saturn.

  • The Sun influences our Energy to perform all the activities.
  • Mars takes care of the force and Vitality
  • While Saturn ensures longevity and tenacity

Besides 1st, 6th, 8th and 12th houses are extremely important houses from a health point of view. If malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu are present in these houses, the person can face severe health problems. Vedic astrology also relates health to human chakras. It apprises us of the connection between planets and chakras within our celestial body. Basically, our birth chart planet indicates the quality of our Chakra. Thus, if any ruling planet of chakra in our horoscope is weak then the chakra characteristics are also weak. This may result in certain health problems. Therefore, it is important to take care of the weakest planet at any particular time or stage of life.

The 7 chakras are like a reflection of the entire Solar system. Each Chakra has a ruling planet. Every chakra inherits the nature of its ruling planet.

7 Chakras     Following are the 7 Chakras and their ruling planets

Muladhara/Root Chakra

It is the foundation Chakra placed at the base of the Spinal cord, based on earth elements, which radiate red colour. Mars is considered the ruling planet of Root Chakra. Muladhara reflects our basic needs of physical, emotional, and mental stability. An elephant with seven trunks represents this chakra. Lord Shiva as Pashupati Mahadeva is attached to Muladhara. Fear, indiscipline, anxiety, greed & insecurity, sleeplessness, all these negative aspects of our personality will disappear if we are able to balance this Root Chakra. Astrology based Health problems: Colon, bladder, lower back, unexplained ache in the body, Reproductive issues, insomnia, rheumatism.

Svadhishthana/Sacral Chakra

The second primary chakra is located in the abdomen. Its the place where the self-related affairs reside. It is based on the water element and emits orange colour. Mercury rules this Chakra and the crocodile is assigned to this chakra. While Brahma and Saraswati are divine Gods. The awakening of this Chakra brings joy, faith, self-confidence, and energy. But it is important to consciously overcome, negative qualities like lethargy, desire, revenge pride, and hate. Health issues: Liver, hips, glands, hormones, pancreas, diabetes, blood vessels, buttocks, obesity, sexual endocrine gland issues, Ovaries, testicle issues.

Manipura/Solar Plexus Chakra

After overcoming negativity in our Mula chakra and sacral chakra we reach Manipura. This is situated in the stomach. Jupiter is the ruling planet of this chakra. Its colour is yellow, the animal Ram and the element is fire. Vishnu and Laxmi are the Lords of this Chakra. It has magnetic power which attracts prana from the Cosmos. It empowers qualities like Independence, courage, willpower, wisdom, generosity, protection, and clarity. Manipura Chakra activation frees one from all the negativity and starts the soul purification process. Astrology based Health issues: digestive disorders, circulatory disease, diabetes, blood pressure, bile, pancreas, Endocrine gland: Adrenals.  

Anahata/Heart Chakra

Situated closest to the heart, its colour is sky blue, the element air. Antelope represents this Chakra while the lords are Shiva and Parvati. As Venus planet governs this chakra, so it connotes emotions, love, compassion, consciousness, and harmony. However, this chakra can have damaging effects like Love failure, extreme attachment to materialistic things, importance to luxuries, and unhealthy relationships if it comes into a malefic planet. Health Problems: Throat, neck, urinary bladder, kidneys, and Endocrine gland: Thymus.  

Vishuddha/Throat Chakra

It is the starting point of the Udana Prana, placed in the throat. Its task is not only to purify toxic substances as we breathe but also to differentiate between right and wrong people or situations. Planet Saturn is the ruler and Brahma is the God. Its colour is purple and the White Elephant is assigned to this chakra. Its element is Akash or Space. The blockage in this chakra creates anxiety, lack of freedom, restriction, thyroid, and throat problems. Sometimes swallowing problems and speech impediments as well. Health Problems: Abdomen, skin, nervous system, neck, mouth, bronchial tube, tongue, lungs, hands arms, insomnia, deafness, dyspepsia, Endocrine gland: Thyroid and Parathyroid gland.  

Agnya/Third Eye Chakra

It is situated in the middle of the forehead like a Shivas third eye. The Sun governs this Chakra. When the three Nadis Ida (Moon Nadi), Pingala (Sun Nadi) and Sushumna (Central Nadi) unite and rise, people attain Samadhi or union with the divine. Thus, It helps to reach divine consciousness. Its colour is white and its element is mind called Anupada Tattva. Shiva and Shakti in the united form are lords of this Chakra. The Agnya Chakra indicates the eye of knowledge if it is not taken care of, then this chakra reduces the power of inner consciousness. Health Problems: Eyesight, spine, belly, headaches, constipation, blood pleasure, immune system, face, psychic problem, sleep disorder, tuberculosis, cough, cold, hypersensitivity, overreaction, lack of appetite.

Sahasrara/Crown Chakra

Since Moon is the ruling planet for this chakra. It radiates like the Moon located on top of the head. Sahasrara has one very important component Medha Shakti, which controls memory, concentration, and intelligence. It has all the colours in it as it is pure light. The awakening of Sahasrara means attaining Moksha complete liberation. The divine God of this is Shiva the supreme consciousness. Hence if there is any blockage in this Chakrayou you may not find peace in your life. Health Problems: Memory problems, productivity, femininity, motherhood, depression, emotional disorder, bad and horror dreams, nervous system, neurological, paralysis, epilepsy, Head, pineal gland. If you want to know more about the health problem caused by planets in our horoscope please visit Askganesha health remedy  


Daily positive affirmations, meditations, and Yoga help to open Chakra. And opening the chakras ensures energy flow in the body and brings immense positivity. It Increases our sense of self-worth and when we consciously work towards improving our chakras all the related diseases diminish. Chakra reflects the characteristics of its ruling planet. Astrology examines planetary alignments in your Birth Chart and thereon its effects on your chakras. This further helps to understand the weakest chakra and the problems arising because of it. Hence, an astrologer's health remedy is based upon a combined study of Planets, Birth charts and chakras. They can heal your mind and body, as they reach the root cause of the disease and accordingly suggest corrective measures. Only an expert astrologer will be able to trace a connection between horoscope, planetary alignments and their impact on your Chakra and energy. Many astrologers believe that the combined effort of astrology and medical treatment leads to a timely cure of the disease.  

Further analysis led me to a few common health remedial suggestions by astrologers like

  • A deeper karmic analysis
  • Chanting Mahamrityunjaya and Surya Mantra
  • Hanuman Puja on Saturday
  • Recite the Aditya Hrudayam, the Sri Vishnu Sahastranama and the Dhanvantri Ashtottara

However, it would be best to speak to an expert astrologer, who will provide detailed Health analysis and specific health condition solutions. Ideally, those who are facing

  • Recurrent medical problem
  • Prone to accidents
  • Any Inherent disease
  • Emotional and Mental stress
  • Want to know the right time for health procedures
  • Need an astrologer consultation for Yantra, Mantra and Gemstones to improve their health

If you have any questions related to your or near and dear one's health, please consult the Askganesha Health astrologer. Askganesha has a team of expert experienced astrologers.    

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