Health Astrology - A State of complete well being of a person

19 February, 2018

Health astrology - A State of complete well being of a person

Health is a state of complete well being of a person - According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary. This includes physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being as well. Health is also defined as the state of body,which is free from all and any sort of diseases, and at the same time resisting any disease.


Physical wellbeing

Environment that we are a part of has a lot to contribute to our health and health condition and woes. Here, one can say that Astrology comes in picture. Astrologically, the body is divided into twelve houses. The administrator of these houses is Kaal Purush, each of these houses have different roles and features that they are a part of or contributes to our life.

Mental wellbeing

Mental health also contributes to the overall well-being of a person; it means the spiritual and psychological well-being of the person, and freedom from all stress, mental ailments and depressions. Etc. Hence, mental health is a parameter that enables us to understand our relation with handling of stress.


Zodiac Signs and corresponding body organs as per health astrology:
Astrologically speaking the body is divided into 12 parts each of these parts forms our zodiac signs, and hence they determine the various ailments and illness accordingly. The various planets and their coming together have effects on our wellbeing. Although, the very basic understanding of health and wellbeing along with the part of the body that it affects enables us to prepare a kaal purush Chart to see the problems and to garner remedies for the same.

Body parts according to the zodiac signs in health astrology:

Aries: The Aries Sign presides over - Head, face, brain and eye.
Taurus: Taurus Sign presides over- Throat, neck, thyroid gland and vocal Chords.
Gemini: Gemini Sign presides over- Arms legs and the entire nervous system.
Cancer: Cancer sign presides over- Chest, Breast and the digestive system.
Leo: Leo Sign presides over- Heart, chest, spine, and upper back.
Virgo: Virgo Sign presides over - Digestive organs, Spleen, and nervous system.
Libra: Libra Sign presides over- Skin, Waist area, hip, and the torso or the abdominal region.
Scorpio: Scorpio Sign presides over- The reproductive system, Sexual glands/ organs, metabolism, bowel movements, excretion etc.
Sagittarius: Sagittarius Sign presides over- Hips & thighs, liver
Capricorn: Capricorn Sign presides over - Knees Joint skeletal system
Aquarius: Aquarius sign presides over - Ankles Circulatory System.
Pieces: Pieces sign presides over - Feet toes, adipose tissues After the analysis of the kaal purush chart the remedies for health, and the focus area of health issues is given. However, Remedies includes Mantra recitation, donations, puja and homams.

What is Kaal Purush?

The other name of Kaal Purush is the cosmic man in Vedic literature the definition of kaal purush is the person who rules beyond time and space continuum, and controls the destructive elements. So in the Vedic Literature the typical of the kaal purush is Vishnu. Similarly all the zodiac signa represent all his part of the body, from head to toe. AskGanesha believes that the root cause of illness in everyone is how their zodiac sign reacts the shifts and changes in environment. In order to be healthy just eat right, exercise and meditate. Askganesha Astrologers

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