Types of Astrology

06 July, 2024
Types of Astrology Types of Astrology

Astrology, the science of predictions uses has immensely grown since ages. All we know is that it is used to depict the important events and state of life of an individual. Not only has the use of astrology multiplied, but the purpose of astrology has undergone a vast change. The umbrella term has many tributaries which are used to foretell distinct aspects of life of people. In Indian sub-continent regions, Vedic astrology or Indian astrology is practiced, whereas in the western part of the world, the modern astrology is practiced. Chinese astrology is based on completely different principles and parameters of predictions. In this blog, we aim into unleashing types of astrology other than traditional and western astrology.

Branches of astrology

Branches of astrology

Natal astrology

This form of astrology is widely practiced across the world to forecast the life events, financial stability or troubles, love life, longevity, or almost everything about an individual. Natal astrology involves the study of the Natal chart or the birth chart that involves the ascendant, planet's position in different houses, time of birth, and place of birth. Planet’s benefic, malefic position unfolds the answers to questions with their potential solution. Different planets and their position at a specific time reveal the circumstances at that time. Astrologers from different schools may differ in opinions in this case.

Financial Astrology

This form of astrology reads the movement of stars to predict the trend in financial markets like the stock exchange. This finance astrology assists in decision-making in the realm of finance with the aid of the Sun, Moon signs, planetary configuration with its impact and timing. With the amalgamation of analytical readings of all above factors, financial goals are established with the heavenly clues to have fiscal stability in life, organization, industry and country.

The motive of this form of astrology is to foster financial stability in the life of an individual or a group. Developed nations and big enterprises use this form of astrology to find the overall economic condition and future movement in the stock market respectively. Even the underdeveloped or developing nations with not such a booming economy, focus on seeking the financial condition through the financial readings at specific time of year or in forthcoming years. Get finance report fabricated by best astrologers for a successful professional life.

Predictive Astrology

Predictive astrology is a science of divination in which we try to predict events and trends based on the changes in the position of planets and sensitive points. It is done based on observable changes. There are four main predictive methods namely solar and lunar returns, progressions, horary, and transits. We know that astrology can only offer us indications of feelings and events that a person is likely to experience. However, in predictive astrology, we can understand both the positive and negative effects of stars and planets on a person.

Predictive astrology can also help us to find new opportunities in our lives, predict the behaviour of our loved ones in a relationship, and can help us to understand other important events in our lives. Predictive astrology isn’t just about foretelling the future of a person or an event; it can also be a powerful tool for an individual to tap into one’s growth journey.

Electional Astrology

This branch of Astrology emphasizes deciding the suitable time for any future activity. The chief motto of it is to let someone pacify their challenges in the natal chart to turn the table towards the beneficial edge. Electional astrology isn’t a tool to restrain the trouble in our natal chart completely, but it equips an individual to deal with the situation sincerely and responsibly. In other words, this branch of astrology guides us to proceed in life by being in alignment with the cosmos.

In simple words, Electional astrology guidance is to take steps at the right time, which can minimize, if not completely weaken, the negative forces in our national charts. The right time is chosen as per the position of the Moon. Moment should be well aligned with the natal chart along with being well positioned in the chart of the moment. While using this astrology, numerous things are in need to be adjusted for the sake of perfect time. It is a highly effective and valuable tool which lets us take a few quick turns in life and utilize our assets in the natal chart in the best possible way.

Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology

Horary astrology is a branch of astrology that an astrologer predicts based on his interpretation in the case. This is based on the theory of synchronicity which means different interpretations by astrologers at any given point of time. Horary Astrology is a very ancient form of astrology. The word ‘horary’ is derived from the Greek root meaning “hour”. Horary astrology is based on the current time when the question is being asked. In horary astrology unlike regular astrology, the astrologer does not look at a natal chart instead he creates a chart based on the important question of the hour that the person wants to be answered.

There are a few rules to asking questions such as you cannot ask questions about the past, cannot ask about life or death and you can only ask questions that are related to you. Horary charts last up to three months and therefore you can only use one chart per question. You need to think deeply about the question you want answered, write it down, and record the time.

Karmic Astrology

Karmic Astrology

This astrology provides an insight into past karmas and your boon or suffering in this incarnation. It lets astrologer gain an understanding of your story in previous birth and their outcome in current. Karmic astrology offers a solution to your every question concerning karma and reincarnation. Possible steps to engage in positive karma in this birth to weaken the effects of bad karma.

Branches of astrology provide more precise and accurate prediction and making the life easier. Find the best and Expert astrologer with in-depth knowledge and skills to make your life easier and idyllic.

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