Tips to welcome Year 2024

28 December, 2023
Tips to welcome the year 2024 Tips to welcome the year 2024

New resolutions, new rays of hope, and new beginnings are aligned with the New Year. It is wished by everyone that upcoming New Year should be better than the previous and present year. Though, your stars and destiny store the secret hidden in the New Year, yet few astrological, behavioural, and lifestyle tips by Ask Ganesha can ensure a good beginning and a great year ahead. This Blog will let you know the Tips to welcome New Year 2024.

Check out the following tips to welcome the New Year 2024 to bring joy into your life

  • Behavioural gesture to welcome the new year
  • Positive mindset and approach – kick out the fears and manifest positivity.  A strong mind is the key to happiness and no matter what year you are heading towards, a strong and positive mind has the potential to change the direction of storms. Therefore, manifest wealth, health, and prosperity for the New Year, and send the message to the cosmos that this is the best time of your life.   
  • Don’t stay alone – Loneliness signifies gloominess, therefore be with your loved ones, eat healthy, chat, laugh, and cherish the good times that you are blessed with. Ask the cosmos for the longevity of your loved ones and manifest the long camaraderie with them. 
  • Don’t be shabby in greeting happy New Year - Express warm wishes to loved ones along with greeting happy New Year to people you meet at home, at the workplace, and with your friends. In return, you too will get a smirk and wishes. Cosmos gives you back what you offer it, therefore have good wishes bouncing back to you.
  • Don’t borrow money and clear your bills – Avoid asking for money on the first day of the year. If you are indebted, payoff partially or fully your bills.  The initiative of getting free from debt will set the rhythm for the year to make you free from any kind of loan. 

 Lifestyle modification during year 2024

  • Wear good clothes on the eve of New Year and the first day- Wear fresh, vibrant and hygienic clothes on the eve and the first day to make sure that your upcoming year remains as vibrant as clothes. Apply makeup, gels, and perfumes to portray the best version of yourself in the next step or year of your life. Remove the clutter of old clothes from your wardrobe and have clothes worth wearing.
  • Keep negativity spreading objects out of sight at home in your wallet -   Weapons, sharp objects and tools should be kept far from your sight at home. Keep it in the drawer of the kitchen or other living area. These objects spread negativity and will act as a complication in your growth and opulence.
  • Get inclined to effective remedies towards a happier life –    With the hope that the New Year should bag a new and blissful beginning for you, bring a lifestyle change in your life by practicing happy remedies towards an amusing life. Remedies like which God/ Goddess you should worship to stay fit, and which mantra should you chant to invite fortune to yourself and your family.
  • Put Home and office on a mission cleaning- Why only Diwali, you need the blessings of the Goddess of wealth at every nook of the year. For a wonderful start to the year, put your home on a mission of cleaning and décor before. Adding soothing pastel colorsor  shadesas per your zodiac sign. Instead of artificial, go organic in case of adding flower décor to any part of the home. Keep the centre of the house empty as it is the core of the house which shouldn’t be under any burden. It is important to pay attention towards vastu directions. Lit the incense stick of mesmerizing aroma like sandalwood, Kevra, etc if you aren’t allergic to it. This is a practice to maintain positivity at home and welcome peace as well as fortune. 

Vedic Astro Tips

Under the tips of Vedic Astro for new year, a few changes in the house are suggested to let the good vibes and great days get in not just in your house, but your life as well. Check out a few in short underneath – 

  • Paint the south wall of a house in the hues of orange, yellow, red, etc since the southern part depicts the element of fire
  • Shade the northern zone of the house in earthen or rustic colors like brown, mustard, blue, etc. 

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