Vastu Tips for a Prosperous New Year

Vastu Tips for a Prosperous New Year Vastu Tips for a Prosperous New Year

It is visible over the past year, and as you move into the New Year, do so with the joy and confidence that you are wiser than you have ever been. Traditionally, many people feel the New Year as a perfect time to get off to a fresh start with Vastu Tips and embracing the new changes theyd like to make to enhance each and every area of their lives.  

Feng-Shui and Vastu Hacks

Millions of people in the world may be looking to the New Year as an opportunity for a new routine and fresh start. As you prepare your New Years resolutions, one should consider incorporating the principles of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. The enhancers from the Vastu Tips range from massive paint jobs to simpler acts like adding lampshades, torahs, pictures, and artefacts and installing small fountains and birdbaths. Bring some new plant and hang some decorative bells, decorate the main entrance of your house or workplace and display auspicious symbols in the living room.

Vastu Tips- Placing everything in its Rightful Place

Put your family photographs in the east. One can hang a wind chime in the north for good career growth. Think in pairs in the southwest, which is 2 candlesticks, a photo of you and your mate or two pictures hanging side by side. One can also place a lucky jade plant in the southeast as a symbolic money tree. Candles should be placed in the south to illuminate reputation and fame. Awards and achievements can be placed here, too. Display childrens artworks in the west. Hang college diplomas and academic honors in the northeast. Place the symbols of heavenly support, like angels or any photos of God, in the northwest.  

Space Cleansing Ritual

After you have re-painted the house or cleaned it, perform a space clearing ritual. Dissolving a lump of rock salt in water and mopping the floor of the house with this salt water. Taking some camphor in a bowl, burning it and walking along the sides of each room of the house allows the spaces of the house with the fragrance of camphor all around.  

De-clutter your House

Space clearing ritual removes all negative energies from the space and it can be performed even if you have not re-painted the house on Christmas. Along with re-painting and space clearing do not forget to remove all clutter from the house as it also affects your astrology house. As you clean your home to welcome guests, you should clear out all things from the past which are unnecessary or unessential for your future success or happiness. Clear the North-East zone of all clutter, and keep your gods and worship-related items here. Furthermore, the meditation in this zone will ensure a divine grace which flows through your house and your body, giving you an overall clarity and good health. Your New Year should begin with enhancing the overall opportunities for bringing prosperity to enter your life. Clutter creates stress and drags your energy down and limits your ability to be productive and make lucrative financial decisions. We suggest beginning this Holiday Season by clearing the clutter as per Vastu Tips and see how new opportunities appear in your life this New Year.  

Career Vastu

If youd like to activate and energize your career this year tries this simple change to get the energy moving. Expand your career opportunities with the flowing water. This can be an artefact of fountain or image of flowing water. Place it in the main career area which is the North-East of your home.  

Inner Knowledge

Strengthen your connection with your inner guidance and encourage new ideas to place a plant in the Inner Knowledge area (South-West) of your home. Plants are a source of healthy energy, vibrant ideas and they attract a lot of positive energy. They exactly support the energy which grows within you the ideas knowledge and wisdom.  

Family and Foundation

Strengthening your family ties with the energy and movement of sound. Hanging a lovely wind chime in the family area of your home is considered auspicious. As you hang the chime envision each movement sending gentle, supportive energy embracing your family with love. Keep a framed picture of your family in the South-West, as it will strengthen bonds of love and affection.  


Energize and activate abundance in your life by placing a mirror in the area of wealth which is (North) of your home. Mirrors enlarge and expand and enlarge the space they are in, attracting all the energy and doubling it. This New Year, one can plan to invest in property tries to buy a Vastu compliant one. Higher gains are the result. Pay attention to adjacent roads and slopes. If the place is for commercial use, then one should choose it according to its planned purpose.  

Fame and Reputation

Improve and enhance your reputation by adding bright light to the fame area (West) of your home. Proper utilization of a westerly portion of the plot leads to reputation, fame, prosperity, and success for the owner. Light represents fire energy, imagine your reputation growing brighter and stronger each time you turn on the light!  


Empower your relationship by moving your bedroom into either the back right or back left a corner of your home (assuming your bedroom is not already located in either position). Vastu Tips suggests, if your bedroom is already in one of the power corners (South-West) of your home, enhance it further by placing your bed in the command position (solid wall behind the headboard, with full view of the bedroom door and the room around you. Earth element decorations such as holly, wreaths, wood figurines, or ceramics (such as the Dove of Peace) work best in the South-West area of your gathering area to support family harmony. Hang bells and chimes in the North-West area, related to the Air element, to enhance joyous relationships.  

Creativity and Children

One can awaken the energy of creativity with a metal wind chime. One can envision each ripple of sound enhancing and energizing the creativity while supporting and nurturing a childlike sense of joy and wonder.  

Helpful People

One should create a helpful people box and can fill it with the names or images of helpful people in your life. If you wish for more helpful people in your life, you can write an affirmation to draw helpful people towards your life. As you place the confirmation in the box, one should picture the energy of the affirmation flowing from your home, increasing your connections, networking opportunities and friends. You should place the gifts in the eastern zone for better social connectivity.  

Health is the Real Wealth

Reducing and clearing all the clutter from the Center of your home also known as Brahmasthan. When the center is clear and the energy of health is strengthened. As per Vastu Tips, Keep the Center space element area open and uncluttered to support a stress-free communication which can encourage the success of your holiday gatherings.


Quick Vastu Tips

Given below are few Vastu Tips for a great New Year:

  • Every waste object which is in your house is clogging your staircase, store, closets, box, drawers, and beds
  • Donate to a Good cause without any expectations and in return, the universe will add it to your good karma
  • Letting go can create a lot of space for better things in your life. With the beginning of a new year, one can clear all physical clutter in your house and let the new opportunities enter
  • Non-working things should be repaired as it helps in restoring your peace in New Year
  • Light up every dark area of your house and heart. It also includes resolving any kind of family issues that youve been avoiding for a certain time
  • Repair all the clocks that you want to keep in your house. Wall clocks should never be behind time. The best position for a wall clock is the north side which attracts wealth
  • A leaky tap or a non-functional electric point or its a non-working electric kitchen gadget. Everything should be well maintained, fixed or repaired accordingly
  • Remove Cobwebs, similarly choked up drains must be cleaned up & de-clogged
  • One should keep their kitchen tidy and the gas burners unblocked plus always clean
  • Keep the mops and brooms hidden and out of sight
  • Enhancing the ambiance of your home to attract all types of positive energies
  • Lit your dark corners with lamps, pictures, add torans, artifacts and install small fountains and birdbaths
  • Hang wind chimes in the north it attracts wealth
  • Medicines should not be put in the kitchen as it attracts negative energy
  • The entrance of your house should be clutter free, well-lit and attractive too as all the new energies are coming your way
  • Welcoming the New Year by burning incense and lighting candles. Particularly in the dark corners of the house
  • As your wall clock calendars also signify time so same rule applies, dont hang them on the south wall; north wall would be an auspicious one
  • The calendar should not include images of violence, sorrow or pain, animals as it gives negative energy to your home

The science behind Vastu Tips is to add the value to ones life and brings in prosperity and peace. The idea behind every Vastu, the tip is a deep scientific reason and hence it becomes more plausible to follow. You can contact Askganesha for any advice on Vastu for your home or workplace. We wish a great year ahead.


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