Astro-vedic tips for new year

01 December, 2018
Astro-vedic tips for new year Astro-vedic tips for new year

New Year is the ideal time to draw the financial goals for the year or review them if required. Astrology suggests that you write down your wealth aspirations. One should also focus on their goals regularly, and the wealth gods shall surely smile on your face in this upcoming year. Although, It is associated with the worshipping of Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Apart from the general amusement and general exchange of gifts and sweets, one should also make sure that they are doing everything right to welcome wealth, health and prosperity into their homes.

These simple Astro-Vedic tips ensure you get blessings of wealth and prosperity. Although, The Vedic study of architecture follows certain principles and is mainly aligned with certain beliefs. Vastu rests on the notion that every living and non-living thing on this universe has a soul. And souls react to the magnetic forces engulfing the earth. By following certain Vastu principles people believe they stay in harmony with the cosmic energy, thus positively affecting their lives. Interestingly, Vastu states that matter is made of 5-basic elements. They are earth, fire, water, ether or vacuum and wind. These elements can be known as the basis of many types of beliefs and values.

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Astro-vedic tips for home

There are some decor tips which can provide an appropriate guidance to every individual depending on his current concern. The Vedic remedies involve some changes in the decor of the space around the individual to perfectly harmonize and balance the universal life force energy. There are certain directions, elements and colors have been assigned to various aspects of an individual's life. In the South part of the house, for instance, is symbolized by the fire element and is governed by passionate colors like fiery yellow or red. Although, It is considered as the direction for relationships and passion as well as recognition and fame. The section facing east of the house represents the earth element and is governed by wood. The colors that enhance the effects of this part are the earthy tones of browns and blues.

Enhance your year with astro remedies

Astro-Vedic tips stand on a sacred science from India that creates harmonious stress-free living and working environments. It also supports your success in all areas of life, even while sleeping. Although, It takes up approximately half of your life and therefore is an extremely important factor in your overall health. Don't forget to seek advice from AskGanesha astrologers for a perfect Vastu of your new home or current home.


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