Things to do when compatibility does not match with your partner

Things to do when compatibility does not match with your partner Things to do when compatibility does not match with your partner

Compatibility examination is often practiced before saying yes to any marriage proposal as marriage is a lifetime event that must be done carefully. Comparison of birth charts or Kundali matching for marriage unleashes the degree of possibilities of a happy married life for a couple. Various factors are matched to ensure that the couple has a blissful time throughout their life. Every aspect of life like love life, children, monetary condition, longevity, and health is monitored. But should a couple avoid marrying if the birth chart doesn’t match or shows a lack of compatibility? Let us enquire into the things to do when compatibility doesn’t match with a partner.

The probable outcome of incompatibility in the Birth chart

Astrology reveals that couples may face the following potential threats in their married life when they are unfit for marriage astrologically-

• Frequent clashes between the couple  are likely to hit the  married life of a couple

• Compatibility in physical relation also play vital role in a married life and incompatibility may ruin the life of couple together.

• Financial instability is the couple likely to suffer throughout the life or for a specific segment due to transition in stars when the kundli of the couple doesn’t match.

• Negativity and clashes at home are commonly observed.

• Descendants issues despite no health issues in either of the couple.

When Kundali of the Couple doesn’t Match–

When the Kundali of the couple doesn’t match

In generic language, it is said that couples with common 36 Gunas are deemed to be perfect for a wedding.  Gunas likeVashay, Varna, Tara, Graha Maitri, Gana, nadi, and Bhakoota are matched particularly for finding the successful scope in a match of couple. The maximum limit to Guna matching is 36, whereas a minimum of 18 Gunas is expected to be appropriate for marriage. Guna less than 18 are considered to be misfits for marriage and hence couple is declared oddball for marriage. We have studied in detail the potential threats to a marriage based on mismatched Kundali, let us dive into things to do when Kundali doesn’t match.

Things to do when Kundali doesn’t Match-

Things to do when Kundali doesn’t match

When marriage cannot be avoided and Kundali shows a real mismatch, many things can be done to improve your relationship. Let us decode various options that can be done to save marriage or make it successful-

7th House of partnership

The 7th House of the birth chart is of partnership is of marriage. The weak 7th house denotes failure or high complications in married life. This 7th house can be strengthened with Kumbh Vivah. It can be said that marriage with a pot of girl removes the dosha of her becoming a widow in the future post-marriage or second marriage yoga in the birth chart. This remedy must be practiced only under the supervision of an astrologer.

Have Venus in your favour

The possibilities of facing music in matrimonial life due to incompatibility of the birth chart can be overshadowed by having the blessings of Venus. Procure the blessings of the planet of harmony, love, and beauty, Venus, to have a contenting married life. Venus lets the individual enjoy the joy of love. The planet of love can be amused by wearing white sapphire, worshipping Goddess Lakshmi, white hue clothes, by wearing silver ornament, applying hypnotic fragrances, etc. For more astrological tips to please Shukra or Venus and get the life on track of love, Talk to an astrologer at Ask Ganesha.

Varna Dosha

When the Varna of both, girl and boy doesn’t match, it is called Varna dosha. Astrologically, it is believed that marriage would turn up successful with the groom having higher Varna than the proposed bride. Compatibility concerns are likely to knockout the marriage where girls have superior Varna than males. Remedies can eradicate the predicted sufferings in married life due to it. Pujas, charity, special yantra, and chanting mantras can ensure the removal of obstacles due to discrepancies in Varna in a happy married life.

Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosha

Mangal Dosha is assumed to be the most horrifying Dosha for married life. This Dosha has many myths associated with it out of which the death of a partner is the most predominant notion. It is believed that Mangal Dosha doesn’t have any remedy and the death of a partner of a female having mangal dosha is certain. The impact of Mangal dosha can be nullified easily with remedial solutions like a marriage of bride and groom both having Mangal dosha in their birth chart, Mangal Dosha Nivaran Puja, Kumbh Vivah, Vivah with peepal tree, keeping fast on Tuesday, late marriage and chanting of Hanuman Chalisa. Navgrah's mantra recitation can also be eradicated.

Tips to deal with Nadi Dosha

Tips to deal with Nadi Dosha

Also called Bhakoot Dosha, Nadi Dosha is assumed to result in progeny. Couples can easily get rid of the impact by wearing gems suggested by astrologers. Arishth Gun dosha nivaran puja can save the couple from the impact of Nadi Dosha and assist them in having offspring with no difficulties.

Above are a few generic remedies that may or may not work for every couple. Get a Remedial Consultancy report from the top astrologers at ask Ganesha to get rid of the Dosha hammering your married life.

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