3 Things to do when your Kundali not Match with Your Partner

14 December, 2023
3 Things to do when your Kundali doesn't Match with Your Partner 3 Things to do when your Kundali doesn't Match with Your Partner

A wedding, a nuptial knot is the ultimate destination of every romantic relationship and is believed to be a vital part of Indian culture. In India, Kundali Milan or matching forms the basis of numerous matches for weddings, whereas many good proposals do not reach the stage of wedding due to disparity in Kundali of the proposed bride and groom. Kundali Milan is the ancient practice used to compare the future of the relationship of the couple, their longevity, the possibilities of kids, and all other elements needed for a smooth jaunt of the life of a proposed couple.

The problem arises when Kundali of the two, male and female doesn’t match, yet the couple wants to marry. Should the couple terminate their relationship based on mismatched Kundali or should continue the courtship?  Let us know more about the Things to do when your Kundali not Match with Your Partner as per Kundali and check how the Kundali Milan is important.

What can be the possible outcomes of unmatched Kundali?

When your Kundali is not in sync with the birth chart of your partner, should you go ahead with the wedding or not? Let us take a brief sneak peek into the possible repercussions of such a wedding.

Wedding with no happy ending or ending with divorce.

Problems in having a child or no child.

Compatibility issues

Prolonged illness of any one of the partner

Separation due to early departure to the heavenly abode of one of the partners or early demise etc

The 3 chief Astrological Dosha in Kundali

Mangal Dosha- This Dosha is also known as Bhom or Khuja dosh. An individual is said to have Mangal Dosha in his birth chart when Mars is placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th house of the birth chart of an individual. The first house of the birth chart is marriage; therefore it is likely to get affected badly. It is being said that a girl or a boy with Mangal Dosha should marry a partner with Mangal Dosha to quash the impact of it on the marriage.

• Bhakut Dosha- Also known as Shadastak Dosha. Depending upon the Moon sign of the couple, Bhakut Dosha is decided. Couples with the same Moon sign are said to be affected by Bhakut Dosha whose outcome is infertility of one of the partners and financial crunches.

• Nadi Dosha- when the male and female share the same Nadi, they are said to have Nadi Dosha. The couple with Nadi Dosha is expected to have problems in having children with the larger possibilities of remaining childless along with matrimonial conflicts.

Doshas found in the Kundali matching process reveal the possible difficulties in the marriage of a couple. Have a detailed insight into the Doshas and their effects on matrimonial life to know how Kundali Dosh affects Marriage.

What should you do when the Birth charts of the bride and groom don’t match?

Here are a few concrete steps that couples should take when marriage isn’t deemed to be perfect as per Kundali.

• Stay positive and manifest virtuous- The law of attraction says that you get what you manifest and attract. Stay positive and develop an unbreakable bond. Understanding, respect, and love store the power to change destiny. Stay committed to each other unconditionally. You must understand the possible difficulties that can blow your marriage, so, thorough knowledge of discrepancy can help keep the married life on the right track. Counselling can also work to an extent in this case to have controlled emotions on the topics of differences in couples.

• Seek an Astrologer– Seek the consultancy of a proficient astrologer to have a comprehensive study of birth charts, and discover the challenges and their consequences. It is important to know the possible realms of relationships that are likely to get ruined in the birth chart. Hiring an astrologer from Ask Ganesha would be the best thing to do as it is an abode of highly practiced astrologers awarded for their valuable and highly productive astrological guidance.

• Follow Remedies through astrology by default- where there is a will, there is a way. To save your marriage, opting for astrological remedies would be the best. Along with having the power of prediction, astrology contains highly effective remedies. It may include offering rituals to the almighty, wearing different metal rings, using stones, etc. Seek solutionsfrom a dexterous astrologer having in-depth knowledge of operative remedies. The remedies at the team of Ask Ganesha are veneration like puja, and hawan based causing no harm to anyone. None of the remedies are based on black magic.

In Nutshell–

When the birth chart of an unmarried couple is not said to be perfect for a wedding then Rely on a knowledgeable astrologer for a way out to a happy married life. Astrology on the one hand has the power to predict the possible issues. On the other hand, it also stores remedial solutions to a happy married life.

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