Shravan Month: Fasting During Sawan

27 July, 2019

Lord Shiva the ascetic dweller of the mountain and the cosmic dancer who destroys evil with his third eye is prayed on Shravan Month. Lord Shiva is the destructive power of God and is prayed along with Brahma and Vishnu named Trimurti. Shravan Month is the fifth month of Hindu calendar beginning from Chaitra. This month is considered highly auspicious for praying to Lord Shiva. It is believed that worshiping Lord Shiva during Sawan is considered more powerful than worshiping during normal days. Many Hindus observe fasts and perform Pujas during the month, especially on Monday. The fasts done on Monday are known as Shravan Somwar Vrat. It is believed that by observing Shravan Somvar Vrat all desires gets fulfilled. It is believed that if unmarried women keep fast on Mondays of the month they would get a good husband.
legend Shravan month
The legend behind Shravan Month According to a legend the churning of oceans or Samudra Manthan took place in the month of Shravan and it is on a Somvar that Lord Shiva drank the poison to save the world. In order to lessen the effect of poison, the Devas had offered the Ganges water to Lord Shiva. Because of this on Shravana Somvar in Shiva Temples, the Shivalinga is bathed with holy water day and night. Devotees pile the linga high with Bel leaves and flowers and fast till sunset. A 24-hour lamp also burns steadily in the temples. It is believed that one can please Lord Shiva in Shravan month by offering milk.
legend shravan month

Importance of wearing Rudraksha and Praying in Shravan Month
The devotees of Lord Shiva believe it is auspicious to wear Rudraksha especially in this month of Shravan. The Mondays are dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is the main deity on this day. However, Mondays in the Shravan maas as known as Shravan Somwar and are a highly auspicious, and celebrated with all rituals.
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Praying to Lord Shiva on this day can bring you many benefits. You can perform Anushthan or Homam on this day. Askganesha have well-experienced Purohits who can help in performing this Puja with all the rituals. We wish you and your family a very auspicious Shravan Shivratri.

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