A Holy Day of Apara Ekadashi

26 May, 2019

Apara Ekadashi is celebrated in the Hindu calendar month of Jayeshtha (May/June). It is said to be the day on which anyone who prays to Lord Krishna is relieved of all his sins. It is also said that anyone who fasts for the whole day is honored by the world and his reputation precedes him.  

Rituals and fasting on Apara Ekadashi

This day is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is believed that observing the fast on this auspicious day will reward you with great merits and destroy the sins of previous birth besides lord also blesses with eternal fame. Fasting on this day observer will also remove the bonds and give Moksha to people. For vital results, devotees should observe complete fast during this Vrat period. In case its not possible to keep a proper fast, then taking milk and fruits is permitted. The main line is that rice and cereals should be completely avoided during the period of this Vrat. The observer opens the fast on the next day after the sunrise.

Significance of Apara Ekadashi

It is said that any sort of sins can be washed away on this day, which is why many pray on this day to Lord Krishna. There are various sins that have been listed, such as cheating, blasphemy, feticide, murder, etc. that a person can be freed of if he/she observes Apara Ekadashi. Other sins that one can be redeemed of include a person who cheats other, a cheating accountant or doctor, a soldier who runs away on the battlefield, disrespecting a teacher.
rituals of ekadashi

Celebration on Apara Ekadashi

There are various ways to observe Apara Ekadashi, which include bathing three times in milk at early morning, praying to Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva by visiting their temples, taking a holy bath in the Ganga river and again bathing at dusk. It is also very important to give charity to animals, such as cows, dogs or elephants. There are many merits that one gets by observing these rituals. The whole team of Askganesha wishes you a very holy Apara Ekadashi.

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