Rohini Vrat

25 November, 2015

Rohini vrat (Fast) is one such vrat which is very popular and specially observed by women who want a long, fulfilling life for their husbands. It is observed when the Rohini Nakshatra rises in the sky once in every 27 days and on that day this vrat is performed. This vrat is significant fasting day in Jain community also. Rohini vrat is observed on the day when Rohini Nakshatra prevails after sunrise. It is believed that devotee who observes this vrat get rid of all types of obstacles in their lives also.

How to keep Rohini Vrat Devotee keep fast by abstaining themselves from eating food and water tillmidnight. In the year 2015, Rohini Vrat is observed on the following dates:-

2nd January, 30th January

26th February, 25th March

22nd April, 19th May

15th June, 13th July

9th August, 05th September 

03rd October, 30th October 

26th November, 24th December

Benefit of Rohini Vrat The ultimate benefit of Rohini vrat is considered to be the prosperity and happiness and inmate of the family, long life of the husband and relief from the trouble of life. It is said that anyone who prays to Rohini on this day can get rid of poverty as well as all of their sorrows.

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