Should I wear Neelam or perform Shani Remedy?

07 May, 2019
Wearing a gemstone such as Neelam for Shani or performing a remedy such as a puja or Homam according to your horoscope is always good and fruitful. But in order to get the 100% advantage of it, you must consult an expert. It is considered to be the instant effective gemstone. For many individuals, it shows effects instantly by resolution to a problem, way to gain wealth, windfall gain. Neelam stone

Wearing Neelam

Saturn, a hard master and is either benefic or malefic. It is additionally a controller of the long-life span. It is a very secretive planet and is otherwise called the planet of restrictions, limitations and separative nature. In the event, it is good in the horoscope, at that point a person will be a cautious, austere, significant, somber, envious and hard worker. Benefic Saturn will make the person better and he will have mental and moral boldness, prescience and will have high thinking. Neelam is suggested to such individuals with weak Saturn. Neelam that has imperfection can lead to mishaps, medical issues and go wrong. Benefits of Neelam

Benefits of wearing Neelam

  • It is an effective gemstone and the effect is felt immediately. It can bless you with opportunities, riches, promotions and good luck within a few days of wearing it.
  • It is appropriate as it indicates supernatural outcomes particularly in Saturn Transits like the Sade Sati. One can feel instant relief in a flash by boosting the energy, metabolism and reducing the energy.
  • Neelam Stone is a very protective gemstone. It helps in security from the evil eye, enemies, hexing, desire and jealousy.
  • Blue Sapphire blesses you with mental clearness, clearing confusion and favors the person with the right decision making.
  • It improves concentration, focus and takes away lethargy from life.
Remedy for Shani dosha

Shani Remedy

Saturn is regarded as a giver of a destroyer. Its character of adoring equity resembles the scales of Libra, it balances everything. At any point, if Shani gives extraordinary karma and fortune to a recipient, it considers all the past 'Karma' into the record. In the event that your past Karma is great, it gives you great advantages. In the event that Shani is available in the first, fourth, eighth, twelfth, ninth House, it is viewed as unfavorable and gives the individual a lot of tribulations throughout everyday life. The worship of Shani is said to relieve the hardships that one should look amid many unfortunate events, particularly in the event that it is performed on Shani Jayanti or Shani Amavasya. Worshiping Shani Dev each Saturday is highly advised. Mantras and prayers of Lord Shani are recited as the most significant piece of the puja. Pujas to Shani must be given by donating rice and dark sesame seeds. Fans who want to keep a day-long vrat till evening, upon the arrival of such pujas, break their vrat by devouring rice blended with sesame seeds or black urad dal. You can take help from Askganesha astrologers as they recommend you the perfect option from both of the above option. The astrologers and Purohits study your chart and give you the best advice.  

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