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Lord Shani (Saturn) Mantra

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Shani (Saturn) is often called as the mysterious planet. Planet Saturn is one such important planet both in solar system and in ones horoscope. Saturn is a sterile, slow, icy, binding, invariable, arid, protective, rigid, fearful, and a mysterious planet. Planet Saturn or Shani Dev governs the zodiac signs Capricorn (Makar Rashi) and Aquarius (Kumbh Rashi). Black, Dark blue, and Dark Brown are colors of Saturn. People born with ruling planet Saturn or under zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius or born on Saturdays show their good or evil behavior depending upon the favorable or unfavorable position of planet Saturn during its period.

Benefits of Shani Mantra :

  • Shani mantra helps to remove hardships, hindrances and obstacles in a person's life.
  • The Mantra helps to come up from depression and anxiety.
  • This mantra will ensure that you are shielded from their severity and gaint and give you confidence and courage to face all the obstacles successfully.
  • It helps to dissolve all the problems related to wealth and health.

Saturn (Shani) Mantra


Order for Saturn Mantra Recitation

Other Mantras for Planet Saturn

Niilaambujasamaabhaasam raviputram yamaagrajam 
Chaayaamaartandasambhuutam tam namaami shanaishacaram
Om Shaanaishcaraaya namah


I bow down to Saturn, who is blue like a storm cloud, the son of the Sun and the brother of Death, who can cast his shadow even over the Sun.
Om, I bow to the Saturn.

    21000 mantras recitation
    51000 mantras recitation
    1.25 lac mantras recitation

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