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shani jayanti

Shani Jayanti

Shani Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Shani. According to astrological aspects, Lord Shani is referred to as Saturn which is known for his strong influence on people. Devotees celebrate Shani Jayanti to make sure that bad omen stays away to the maximum extent. Ardent devotees belonging to different communities of Hinduism are known to offer their prayers to please God Shani. You too can get the blessings of lord Shani by getting performed the Lord Shani puja on this important date.

Shani Jayanti is celebrated on Vaishak Vadya Chaturdasi Amavasya and it is said that Lord Shani was born on this day. It is one of the most crucial festivals of Shani Shingnapur Shaneshwara Mandir in Maharashtra.

Influence of Shani on Life

Astrologers say that a person's achievement or breakdown in life is greatly intended by the placement of Shani in the horoscope of the individual. Some people believe in the legend that Shani accompanies bad luck. In fact, Shani is believed to bring in best luck but only in a gradual manner that comes through persistence and labour. Individual should understand the importance and significance of obedience to attain success in life.

People perform Navgraha on Shani Jayanti to please the Shani God. Large number of devotees is seen gathering at Shani Temples in order to make sure that good luck favours them. Fate also depends upon the right location and direction of Shani Graha. Shani Yagya has to be performed upon the advice of a seer or pundit to ward off the negative effect of Shani Devta.

Prayers for Shani Dev to prevent Evil Spirits

Devotees observe fast on Shani Jayanti in order to protect themselves and lead an easy and barrier free life. The procedure and events that follow to fasting are similar to that of Shanivar Vrat or Saturday Fast. However, learning about the process associated with the observation of fast in an accurate manner is something that is needed the most.

People perform Shani Jap 23000 times in order to uphold a quiet and wealthy life. Offering special poojas are certainly very helpful in changing the position of your fortune.

On the morning of Shani Jayanti, the idol of Lord Shani is cleaned with gangajal, panchamrat, oil and water and then Nauratnahaar is positioned on the matinee idol.

On Shani Jayanti devotees observe 'Shani shanti puja' and also 'Shani Thailabhishekam'. Shani homam or yagya are also organised by the people in the presence of acharya or purohit to save and protect themselves from all wrongs and black magic and wrong deeds. To avoid black magic, people wear horse shoe in their fingers and also hang it in their houses. It is commonly believed that lord Shani creates barrier in one's growth and development. Hence, in order to delight lord Shani, these measures can be followed.

  • Shani strotra.
  • Intonation of eleven mala of 'Om Sham Shaneshchraya Namah'.
  • Fill the ant holes with concoction of wheat and jaggery.

Benefits of Shani Puja

The devotees apply vamtantra energised tilak of black bhasm to their foreheads after shani jayanti puja. This energised bhasm is for good luck and protection from all sorts of uncertainties.

Puja on shani jayanti helps :

  • To win over adversities and infortunes.
  • Protection from all the evil forces.
  • Eliminate loans and debts.
  • Any other malefic effects linked with planet Saturn.
  • It helps in religious and worldly development of an individual.

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