Magical Seven: Seven Planetary Influences on Your Zodiac Signs

26 August, 2023
Magical Seven: Seven Planetary Influences on Your Zodiac Signs Magical Seven: Seven Planetary Influences on Your Zodiac Signs

Astrology has always been a fascinating realm to explore. It is one of the oldest systems and beliefs of studying and venturing into the world of celestial bodies, their influences, and their actions. This impact of celestial bodies on humans has always kept us busy with thoughts on how humans are connected to astrology. 

One of the most fundamental aspects of astrology is the profound impact of planets on the zodiac signs, which we will be uncovering in this article. Each planet in the solar system is equipped with energies and influences shaping human behaviour. Interacting with the traits of our zodiac signs, these planetary influences shape our personalities and life paths. 

Sometimes we find our moods overly connected by the natural qualities of zodiac signs and the influence of planets on them. On the other hand, when we are too content with what is going on in life, we believe it to be the fruit or effort we have put into achieving that contentment. So, there is always a variety of approaches. It’s an influence that might draw your attention to the test when you have felt the given situations. Let’s delve deeper into the planetary influences contributing to the intricate tapestry of the twelve zodiac signs. 

Magic of Seven – Gaining Insights from Planetary Influences

1. The Sun – Radiant Source of Energy and Identity 

Sun is the centre of the solar system holding immense significance in the theories of astrology and its practice. Sun symbolizes vitality, self-awareness and expression, and ego. It governs the core identity of the zodiac signs. Also, the Sun has radiant energy, which it possesses and transfers to signs such as confident Leo, adventurous Sagittarius, and assertive Aries.

From being used as the source of checking and determining time to holding immense significance in the practices of astrology, Sun is one of the most critical aspects for study and implementation. This creation possesses energy and radiance, an empowering and enlightening path for many.

2. The Moon – Moods and Emotions 

The Moon is a natural creation coming with its ever-changing phases. These phases, which keep on changing, profoundly impact the way we behave and are known to affect our moods and emotions to a higher degree. It impacts our subconscious mind too. The influence of the Moon is stronger in Cancerians, where emotions flow like tides.  

Also, Moon has a very soothing presence, so Pisces treat it as their lighting guide. It offers a more grounded and practical approach to Capricorns for proceeding with the problematic walks of life. Some women who suffer from diseases like PCOD/PCOS also desire to spend time under moonlight to fix their delayed periods and mood swings. It is considered a natural healer. 

3. Mercury – Communication Strengthening 

Mercury is quick-witted and is often considered the governor of communication and intellect. Mercury primarily impacts how good a human is at communication, per certain astrological predictions. Signs like Gemini thrive in communicating and energy and tend to relish their conversations more. On the other hand, signs like Virgo channel into meticulous communication analysis. 

Mercury has a very versatile influence on some zodiac signs, such as Libra and Scorpio. It helps them to strengthen their perspectives and voice their heart out whenever they feel communication is important to feel light. 

4. Venus – The Planet of Beauty, Magnificence, and Love

Venus is a planet exuding magnetic charm and beauty and largely influences romantic and aesthetic preferences. Some signs which resonate with the grace and sensual pleasures owing to the influences of Venus are Taurus and Libra. These signs are the ones who always desire harmonious, romantic, and emotionally supportive relationships in life. 

Venus has a space for artistic touch and creative people too. It makes signs like Capricorn too determined and drawn towards their personal growth goals like emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Also, the way we feel connected with others and behave in a group is largely impacted by the forces of Venus, as it is the planet of love and magnificence. 

5. Mars – Objectives, Goals, Drive and Ambition 

Mars is a planet that ignites our passion, desires and drives us closer to our goals. With their bestowed fiery determination and passion, signs like Aries can move forward quickly in life. They don’t sit and linger with thoughts. Instead, they begin the action from the moment of thinking only.

Also, Mars extends its hands of intense passion to Scorpions, too, as they can make remarkable moves in life. From standing up from downfalls to building a stronger aura, their energy and power never fade. This planet has adventure-filled energy, which it transfers to Sagittarians, whereas, for Capricorns, it makes them more disciplined in life.

6. Jupiter – Wisdom and Knowledge 

Jupiter is highly regarded as the planet of wisdom and knowledge, encouraging growth and expansion in leaps and bounds. Embodying the expansive qualities of Jupiter, Sagittarians are wiser and always have a knack for exploring more to gain knowledge. Jupiter makes Pisceans more compassionate, benefitting from its spiritual essence. 

Also, Jupiter is unique in its benevolence, reaching Taurus and making them steadfast and Cancer more fulfilling and nurturing. 

7. Saturn – Discipline and Responsibility 

Discipline is the essence of life, and Saturn offers steady influences plus a sense of responsibility. At some point, every being is entitled to some responsibility, and this planet makes it even more vital. Saturn's immense energy and forces make Capricorns more determined and ambitious. 

Other signs which tend to learn quickly and are impacted by the energies of Saturn are Aquarius and Libra, fostering structure and balance in life. It makes them move with stability, accuracy and turns them into more responsible beings.

Influencing It Up – Conclusion 

The intricate detailing of the seven planets with zodiac signs creates a dynamic symphony shaping our behaviour and personalities. It teaches us and enlightens the path of navigation. The validity of Astrology, however, is often subjected to discussions, but its popularity is ever-growing. 

It is important to approach these influences as subjective, not scientific evidence. Explore the wonders lying beyond the realms of Earth to learn more.

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