Valentine Week 2023: the Love Birds Ready for Cooing or Wooing

25 January, 2023
Valentine Week 2023: the Love Birds Ready for Cooing or Wooing Valentine Week 2023: the Love Birds Ready for Cooing or Wooing

The love birds are ready to twitter and the very annual love season of Valentine’s Day is just knocking at the door. People in every corner of the globe are highly excited with this festive moment. This year, the most cherished Love day the great all adored, Valentine’s Day falls on Tuesday, 14th February, 2023.

Valentine's Day is that type of festive occasion that is always preceded by Valentine's week. During these days people are highly joyous to show their affection for another person or group of persons by sending cards, varieties of flowers, bouquets, floral decors, and sweetmeats along the most special messages of love. These gestures are always considered as the tokens of appreciation for the loved ones. However, it is not at all known to everyone round the globe perhaps that Valentine's Day is not that type of occasion that is celebrated just for a single day. The festivities of love go on for a week that is affectionately called the vibrant "Valentine’s Day week."

All about the Valentine’s Day Week

This year 2023, Valentine's Week, especially known as "love week" or to be too specific "romance week," begins on 7th February, that is whole heartedly celebrated as the "Rose Day," until the last and most important Valentine’s Day on February 14 comes up. Before Valentine's Day, people who are always feel the warmth of love in the ir hearts and are excited with passionate emotions also celebrate Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, and Kiss Day. There are may be many days but it must be kept in mind tha each day has its special meaning and purpose, even it may be called with ease that each day has its own special significance. 

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Now let us go for checking out the Valentine's Week list 2023 schedules and dates to observe Valentine’s Week. We are always conscious with the issue that love is the best thing in this world and everybody should bathe in the stream of sweet love to cleanse all types of pettiness hidden in the corners of the minds. We take care of the fact that you must not miss out any opportunities to express your heartfelt feelings to your loved one in an elegant manner. 

All about the days of the Valentine's Week 2023

Rose Day falls on February 7th.

Propose Day falls on February 8

Chocolate Day is on February 9th.

Teddy Day is scheduled on February 10th.

Hug Day is meant on February 12th.

Kiss Day is mentioned on February 13th.

Valentine's Day the great Love Day falls on February 14th 2023.

History and significance of the Valentine's Day

Lovebirds across the globe celebrate Valentine’s Day with their loving partners, express their full love towards them, and tell them how special they are to them.

The very inception of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day has been celebrated since the time of the mighty Roman Empire. We the people of this century may be awe struck how it can be dated back so many years. It is really long enough for humankind to try hard to make it perfect and make it the love- holiday that it is today! I hope, nobody knows the exact origin of the great Valentine's Day. According to history the most popular theory that is attributed with the celebration of the day is associated with none other than St. Valentine, a Roman priest.

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The Catholic Church has now given recognition to two different martyred Saint Valentines who own many similarities, making it really difficult to identify the real-life man behind the vibrant holiday. Both Valentines were martyred in the 3rd century by Roman Emperor Claudius. Both of them were believed to have died on February 14th, although there are debates regarding the years of their martyrdom. 

It is widely assumed, however, that the day is observed to honor Saint Valentine of Terni, who was brutally assassinated by Roman Emperor Claudius II. He was a priest and it is presumed that he is known for secretly performing Christian marriages for the Roman troops and preaching Christianity before it was declared legal.

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For this very reason, he was declared complete house arrest because he refused to relinquish his faith. While he was under the very home- arrest sentence, he fell in love with the blind daughter of the jailer. Soon he was able to restore her eye sight. The whole house was spell bound, awe struck to a great extent. They began to believe that there is one thing in this universe that is absolutely true He is the Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient in the true sense of the term.

The news soon reached the emperor. Valentine was found guilty though he did a great deed. He was announced to be executed on the very February 14th. On the particular day of his execution, it is known from legends that he sent the jailer's daughter a farewell note that was thus: "From your Valentine."

Later on, the church realized the matter and sought to make this occasion a Christian celebration. They tried to repent choosing the very day just to remember St. Valentine's Day.

English Poets and Valentine’s Day

Another widely accepted story goes along with the celebration of Valentine's Day. The story is originated from the great English poet Geoffrey Chaucer, the very person to link Valentine’s Day with romance in his great poem The Parlement of Foules. 

He associated the day with romantic love, imagining that that was the very time when European birds used to go for their mates. Others followed him along the same track where Love is regarded as the eternal force that guides man to the way to glory and light.   

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William Shakespeare, one of the greatest poets and dramatists of all times often thought about platonic love. We cannot but mention Shakespeare’s influence on Valentine’s Day because he was a kind of spokesman for the very culture on the subject of romantic love. If you try to cast a glance at some of Shakespeare’s most famous love quotes, you are sure to get an idea of how cordial he was to the modern cultural thinking about romantic love. 

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Shakespeare was a spokesman for many things. He went on defining the character of war, death, politics and much more in his poems and dramas. He tried his best finding the right words and going to the heart of those particular aspects of life. It is known too that it was William Shakespeare who too saluted the love of St, Valentine through many of his sonnets composed in the later periods.

February 14th so to say, is a very special day for all in the Western hemisphere. But the specialty of he day has not failed to touch the hearts of universal mankind. St Valentine’s Day is regarded by all as a day when everyone takes on love as a special thing without any discrimination. 

All about Valentine's Week 2023 in a nut shell 

The importance of Valentine’s Week is not meant for girlfriends and boyfriends or couples. It has a even deeper aspect that tells of humanity and human love, especially called philanthropy. 

The day is meant for other human relations too. 

Rose Day is the first day of the Valentine’s Week and is celebrated on February 7. On this particular day, two lovers express their heart-felt love by giving each other colorful roses.

Valentine’s Week Day 2 is called the Propose Day. It falls on February 8

Propose Day is the very second day of Valentine's Week and is considered to be one of the most romantic days. On this day, lovers propose to their loved ones or just open heartedly express their love free from any hesitation.

Valentine’s Week Day 3 is the Chocolate Day that falls on February 9th.

Chocolate Day is the 3rd day of the Valentine’s Week. On this day, one partner tries to pamper the other one with a box of chocolates. There goes no question of acceptance or rejection. 

Valentine’s Week Day 4th is called the Teddy Day that falls on February 10th.

Teddy Day is celebrated to give a Teddy to the particular person, especially a girl friend and woo her to keep it for life.

Valentine’s Week Day 5th is called the Promise Day that falls on February 11th.

On February 11, lovers promise each other to stay side by side through the ups and downs of life. 

Valentine’s Week Day 6th is the Hug Day that falls on February 12th.

On this day, lovers console and imbibe confidence within their loved ones by hugging. 

Valentine’s Week Day 7th is the Kiss Day, falling on February 13th.

Kiss Day is all about giving kisses to make the love bond stronger.

Valentine’s Week Day 8th is the Valentine's Day that falls on February 14th of which we all know quite well.

On this very day lovers and common men along with couples celebrate it spending time together, going on for romantic dates, doing various romantic gestures for each other, gifting each other precious things, planning various surprises, and more.

Finally salute the very auspicious days of Valentine’s Week

On this 8-day-long love journey it is the ideal thing for everyone to make every moment with each other unforgettable and make moment’s monuments. 

Cheer up lovers! Happy Valentine's Day 2023!

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