7 Zodiac signs who will be Lucky in True Love Relationship in the year 2022

07 May, 2022
7 Zodiac signs who will be Lucky in True Love Relationship in the year 2022 7 Zodiac signs who will be Lucky in True Love Relationship in the year 2022

In real life, Love may be unpredictable, Confusing with lots of uncertainties involved. But don't we forget everything else? if we get the surety of spending rest of our life whom we are truly in love. However, it requires willingness to take on all the challenges on the way, which may not be easy for everyone. In a typical Bollywood style, we have often heard that there is someone, somewhere made for you and you will get signs when he/she will come in front of you. It may turn out real for some, if the cosmos is making such arrangement in your star sign. So can planetary positions, Sun, Moon really take us to our true love relationship in our life? Have you heard the phrase Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus? The book is more to describe the fundamental psychological differences between the gender. But surprisingly our Vedic astrology had outlined details of planetary positions ages ago for a blissful compatible true love. Do you know which planet is responsible for strong relationship? It is Venus whose strong position in the birth chart makes someone more desirable amongst the opposites. Hence love, marriage, and romantic relationships are largely influenced by the Planet Venus. There are other factors as well which an astrologer considers while reading horoscope for love or relationship compatibility. These factors are:

  • Suns position in the 7th house
  • Moon aspect with Saturn
  • 7th house position which is regarded as the Lord of Love and harmony in marriage
  • 5th house strength which indicates relationships that did not solemnize.
  • Venus and Moon placement, both are important as Venus expresses emotion and Moon nurtures emotion. Their position in the horoscope reflects emotional personality of an individual.


Would you like to explore true love in the year 2022?

In the year 2022 there are many transitions favoring true love couples. Some of them are:

  • Venus stationed directly in the sign of Capricorn
  • Jupiter and Neptune conjunction
  • Two Solar Eclipses
  • The two Lunar Eclipses
  • Jupiter transiting in Pluto

Here are 7 lucky Zodiac signs who would get impacted. They will see spiced-up romance and experience varied emotions in their love life.

Taurus Your love life will increase after April, those in casual relationships will experience flared up intimacy and emotional bond. The relationship will only move ahead to the nuptial level. Taurus is one of the luckiest zodiac signs to take their love to next level. The singles will find new committed relationship, deep bonding with your partner and will have moments to cherish with them. Cancer At the beginning of the year your passionate nature will be more active than emotional side. And to your surprise you are destined to meet your soulmate may be after the first quarter of the year. Venus will be active in the month of October-November and thus there are higher chances of finding true love at this time. While those in relationship will get to spend quality time. Virgo For Virgo it brings stability only in the second half of the year. As in the first half they are going to face some conflicts and insecurities. Especially in the months of May, June, and July. But it will only lead to more love and passion for each other. The Singles may find true love and you reach a stable relationship because of the connection of the seventh and eleventh house. Thus, Virgo will prove to be among the luckiest zodiac signs in love in 2022. Scorpio Scorpio are the most possessive and demanding in their relationship. Which makes them a little tough on their associates. But this year will bring stable connection because of strong Jupiter entering from the mid of April 2022. And from May with the transiting Mars the intensity of love will increase. By the end of the year, you will be making long term goals with your partner because of the Venus influence during this time. Sagittarius At the start of the year the fifth house lord will be in the rising sun so your relationships will be more passionate and romantic. And you may formalize your relationship with engagement or marriage ceremony. The singles will become more charming and popular and may get desired partner. In the months of April and June Planet Venus will further brighten up your love life. Pisces Venus in the month of April will create an urge for true love. It may trigger attraction to someone, and you never know may fetch a positive response as Venuss luck is in your favor. For those already in relationship will witness stability, strong connection, and true love. Capricorn The transit of Saturn in April, will favor all the singles. You will be able to pursue and finally connect with your long desired true love. The chances of success in love are going to increase from the month of May and June. Particularly in June as the presence of Planet Venus will support you. Mars transit in August is beneficial for those in relationship. It will help in making their bond stronger and long lasting. However, be little cautious in the month of July but not to worry as it will be fine from the month of September or October. Seems Capricorn is going to have many exciting moments in the year 2022.  

To Conclude

Thus, you never know there could chances of a budding relationship possibly because of the influence some transiting planet. Therefore, it is very important to keep in mind that even though an astrology can guide towards your best soul mate, but eventually your emotional and mental capacity will take you through any relationship. Probably the best use of astrology would be to find matching personality traits formed due to planetary positions at the time of birth. However, to pacify your inquisitiveness or to find true love the latest planetary development in your sign gives good indications to explore love life. For insights about love, relationship and marriage as per our Vedas please read Askganesha blog Astrology love marriage If you want to consult an experienced Astrologer who can help you in finding or hold on to your true love visit Askganesha Puja for Love. you will find solutions to any kind of obstacle in your love life or relationship.

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