Reasons behind not cutting nails at night

01 February, 2024
Reasons behind not cutting nails at night Reasons behind not cutting nails at night

Have you ever heard elderly members of a family mainly grandmothers and mothers scolding you for cutting nails at night time? Most of you must be taking it as a parable and superstition as to how cutting the sensation-less part of the body may give anyone a blow. Was it stated to protect fingers from being cut due to dim light post evenings?

Preach of every elder has some logic behind it and so is behind refraining the nail cutting practice after evening or in the night-time. Before, we conclude, let us analyse and dig out the reasons behind the old sayings that have been instructions of every parent to their children.

In this blog, we have tried to dig out various reasons based on distinct realms like Astrology, Hindu Mythology, Tantravidya, and others to know the Reasons behind not cutting nails at night.

Hindu mythology

As per Hindu mythology, the goddess of growth and abundance finds cutting nails at night disgraceful. As Evening time is considered to be the time to visit the goddess Lakshmi, such practices are bound to keep her out of your home. This is the reason why earlier generations were never allowed to broom after dusk as Goddess Lakshmi takes the entry in the house as soon it gets dark. Make sure you cut your nails before it is dark.

Astrological approach

If you think it is nothing but a superstition. Astrology traditions and Hindu mythology, both have aligned on the statement and endorsed the above saying. The energy of the Moon and the practice of nail cutting are interrelated.

According to astrology, the moon is the calming and pacifying agent that ensures mental stability or control over furiousness. If you cut your nails in the evening, you are disconnecting yourself or declining the moon’s energy in you. Disruption in the energy of the moon has adverse outcomes on your overall happiness.

Tantric ideology

We all know negative energies and spirits do not roost at night. They are rather active and are easily attracted to vulnerable things, of which nail-cutting practice is one of them. It is being said to drain the trimmed nails to keep the negative energies away from them.

General Approach

Cutting of nails at night must have been restrained to avoid cuts and bleeding in the skin under the nails. Visibility in the daytime is much better and so is human energy, therefore it is advised in the morning and daytime when the sunshine is at its zenith. Also, houses are mopped mostly early morning or in the daytime, and their cutting is not advised at night because nails usually litter while cutting.

 What is the best time to cut nails? Are there any specific days as well for nail cutting?

An insight into astrology for the best days and time to cut nails concluded that daytime is the best time to get your nails shortened. As far as days are concerned, Thursday is a big no for nail cutting as planet Brahaspati gets weak and gains from it are also diminished. Apart from Thursday, Saturday must not be kept for cutting nails as mental peace is likely to be hampered by it. Also, one can procure benefits like free of debts, a strong digestive system, great health, and high traveling by cutting nails on Tuesday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday respectively.

In nutshell

Nail cutting has been strictly prohibited after evening from the years immemorial. Our beliefs and fact-based science of stars, astrology, mythology, and human behavioural philosophy declare it to be a right embargo for human growth and mental peace.

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