Planets in Astrology and their Characteristics

25 January, 2024
Planets in astrology and their characteristics Planets in astrology and their characteristics

According to astrology, planets are a way of understanding our personalities and determining our way of life. Therefore, it is imperative to grasp an understanding of the characteristics of these planets as they shape the destiny of our lives. There are nine planets in Astrology in total and each planet has a unique set of characteristics that sets it apart from the others. Once knowledge and understanding are gained about these planets it makes it easier for us to master our fate and adjust our life if required accordingly. Explore the fascinating realm of astrology as we delve into the Planets in Astrology and their Characteristics, unraveling the cosmic influences shaping your destiny.

Look at every planet and its impact on our daily life.

Surya (Sun)

In astrology, the sun is considered as the king of the planets. It is known as a father figure planet and is usually associated with people in positions of authority. The sun is associated with characteristics of leadership, strength, determination, and courage. People who are government officials or have control of power in big organizations are known to have the sun as their ruler. People who practice regular Sun Puja can have a positive influence of the sun in their lives. 

Chandra (Moon)

The Moon is known as the queen of planets and has a motherly influence on our lives. It is connected to our emotions, feelings, and our moods. The moon is feminine in nature and oversees a child’s birth and its newborn stage in life. Since it is close to the earth it has a huge effect on a person’s brain. People who are usually overly sensitive and emotional have the moon as their ruler. People who do not have the moon in a favorable position may be subject to an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Mangal (Mars)

People who have a fiery personality and have a very active, passionate ambitious lifestyle usually have Mars as their ruler planet. These people can have a highly charged personality and will take on any challenges to achieve their objectives. Although when Mars is strong it can mean having a lot of self-confidence and the ability to combat any situation, on the flip side it could also lead to a lot of violent activity or having a combative nature. Mars people are well suited to having their own business or would be well suited to a profession where action is required like the army or police. 

Budha (Mercury)

Mercury is known to be the prince among the planets. People with mercury as their ruling planet are intellectually capable and have a strong sense of gaining knowledge. Usually, people with Mercury in their ruling sign are known to be great mathematicians and astrologers. Mercury governs the way a person communicates and his way of speech. Therefore, if Mercury is weak, it may affect a person’s ability to communicate well. If Mercury is in an unfavorable position for you, reciting Mercury Mantras will prohibit its undesirable effect and have a positive impact. 

Guru (Jupiter)

Jupiter is one of the most powerful planets among all the planets and it is known to bring a great deal of positivity and happiness. If Jupiter is well positioned in your chart, then the grace of Jupiter allows you to get through hostile periods in your life with no harm. It is a planet of wealth and knowledge and therefore people with Jupiter as their ruling planet are normally bankers, teachers, lawyers, professors, judges, politicians, etc. 

Shukra (Venus)

Venus is known to be the princess of all planets and has a lot of feminine qualities to it. It is the planet of love, romance, friendship, passion, beauty, and relationships. People governed by Venus in their chart will usually find success in their love life and relationships with their friends and family. If somehow Venus is in distress, then they may find themselves in financial or personal difficulties. Professions such as acting, writing, architecture, modeling, fashion, etc. are well suited to Venus-ruled people. You can use astrology remedies to win perfect love by strengthing planet Venus. 

Shani (Saturn)

Saturn is a planet that represents responsibility and discipline. It is a planet that makes you work hard, brings structure to your life, and helps you maintain discipline. If Saturn is weak in your chart, then you find yourself going through various difficulties and challenges. It is Saturn’s way of preparing you for the life that you are meant to live. It is a very harsh and cruel planet as it might bring death, grief, sadness, etc. Into your life. People with Saturn as their ruling planet may be inclined to be highly spiritual. 

Rahu (Dragon’s Head)

Unlike the other planets, Rahu and Ketu do not have a physical shape but are known as shadow planets. They are basically the north node of the moon. Rahu represents a person seeking material wealth and pleasure. Rahu in a favorable position can also mean worldly comforts and riches. 

Ketu (Dragon’s Tail)

It is Rahu’s counterpart and is the south node of the moon. It is associated with spirituality, karma, and past life experiences. Its primary objective is to enlighten people and people with Ketu as their ruler are usually astrologers or doctors. 

Hence planets are of utmost importance in astrology. They signify how a person’s life trajectory will exist. They also govern a person’s emotions, feelings, personality, and attitude. They also inform us to make conscious decisions in our lives that will lead to betterment and growth as we go through life’s difficulties and challenges. Therefore, in this way, astrology helps us to learn about the nine planets and their various characteristic and effects on us. Along with this astrologer should know How to use transits for life events

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