Child Astrology: How planets affect Children?

03 January, 2019
Child Astrology: How planets affect Children? Child Astrology: How planets affect Children?

In a marriage, bearing children is the most important thing for a couple. It has been understood as one of the "samskars" among the Shodasha Samskars. The process of progeny may appear to be very easy for some people yet very difficult for others. Some individual may find it easy to have many children yet for others it may be very difficult to even have one child. Child Astrology lets individuals have an insight into the factors that govern progeny.  

Children- Babies are blessings from the God

Bringing a baby into this new world is certainly a very important decision of life which is excited as well as the transformative phase of life. A baby is believed to be a God's opinion that the world should go on. as rightly put by one of the American writers, Carl Sandburg, A child is the best gift which can be bestowed to any couple by the almighty. The birth of a new-born baby is possibly the most important step to emotional and physical fulfillment for every human. A newborn changes your life magically and fulfills every aspect. Get more help from Child Astrology.

Child Astrology

Every parent has a wish to raise their child in the best possible way which is certainly possible with astrology as it helps to understand the overall aspect of children with accurate reading through a life report. Child astrology is science for parents who want their child to follow the path which can eventually lead to a shining destiny right from the start. The fundamental principle of Child astrology may revolve around the understanding a child's mental and physical personality. This may describe a basic tendency, to hint at potential fields of development and to point out natural spheres of interest - before the environment. The social restrictions and many other influences may start to push or pull the child in another direction.  



Jupiter is the key thing to signify for children in Astrology. Jupiter is strongly placed in the horoscope may promote progeny. Exalted Jupiter, Jupiter in a friendly sign and Jupiter associated with or aspecting the fifth house or the owner of the fifth house yields good progeny.


Fifth house

The fifth house of the horoscope signifies children. An intrinsically powerful 5th house by way of friendly aspects by soft planets like Venus, Moon, and Jupiter are known to deliver good progeny. A strong fifth house way of Hindus contributed to Ashtakvarga also contributes to betterment in the progeny.



Owner of the fifth house

The owner of the fifth house should not be debilitated, retrograde or combusted. The owner of the fifth house should have a good placement in the horoscope and aspected by benefits.  


Venus governs the overall fertility in the male and female body. Venus should be free from any kind of afflictions like retrogradation, debilitation, combustion or negative influence by Rahu-Ketu.  



Saptamsha is the main divisional chart which is uniquely dealing with child astrology. A thorough analysis of the horoscope on the above-mentioned factors strengthens or weakens the prospects for progeny. Whenever Jupiter gets associated with fifth house or the owner of the fifth house by way of aspect, conjunction or exchange then it promotes progeny. Whenever the owner of the fifth house gets connected with its own house and strengthens the prospects for progeny. Influence of benefics like Moon, Venus, and Mercury on the fifth house and the owner of the fifth house are known to promote progeny.   


It is important to analyzing the progeny is a case by case matter. There are different horoscopes which have varied features governing the prospects for progeny. A thorough analysis through child report is very important in concluding the prospect of children in the couples life. You can consult the astrologers from Askganesha for the Planets and your Child Astrology.

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