Mercury and Venus Union forming Laxmi Narayana Yoga as the Most auspicious planetary alignment

18 June, 2022

The planet Venus transited into its own house Taurus on June 18, 2022. Mercury was already present in Taurus from June 3, 2022, onwards. So currently there is a conjunction of Mercury and Venus in the 11th house or Taurus, from 18 June till July 2, 2022. 

Basic characteristics of Mercury and Venus 


Mercury reflects the native's communicative skills, intelligence and wealth. It stays almost for a month in any zodiac sign. Mercury is the ruler of the Gemini and Virgo signs. To make a notable impact it needs support from the other planet or zodiac sign or houses it aspects. So when it connects with the auspicious planet it is beneficial whereas with a malefic planet it can get malicious. 

Astrologically Mercury is regarded as the crown prince because it represents charm, reasoning, intellect, speech, and playfulness. These are attributes of a young Prince, who is close to his father, Here it is the Sun, who is regarded as the father of all 9 planets. And Mercury is the smallest and closest planet to Sun. It doesn't get affected when it connects with the Sun in the horoscope. 


Venus is known as the Shukra or brightest planet in astrology. It rules Taurus and Libra Zodiac signs. Marital happiness, Love life, spouse, luxury, comfort, and beauty are determined by the Venus position in your Horoscope. If Venus is positioned well, then the native is believed to attain all the luxuries and success in life. It brings immense happiness, peace and prosperity to personal life and professional life. 

‘Laxmi Narayana Yoga’ is formed when Mercury and Venus Unite


As per Vedas, it is extremely beneficial Yoga. This conjunction is in the Taurus sign from 18th June and it will end on 2nd July 2022. 

Since Venus rules the Taurus sign ‘Laxmi Naryana Yoga’ is going to bring enormous benefits to this sign. 


Financially this Yoga will open up lucrative opportunities for you. Unexpected rewards and good news can come such as a new job, promotion, widen social circle, success in business, materialistic and relationship pleasures. You will observe a noticeable improvement in your overall intellect. And a visible positive change in love life. You will be at peace and harmony in Family life.

This Yoga is so powerful that it brings unimaginable rewards or boons. 

Not only Taurus but there are some other signs that can also benefit from this conjunction or Yoga.


Laxmi-Narayana Yoga in this sign is going to bring financial growth, profits in business, debts can be cleared, and any stuck money will come back. And if for a long time you desired to get family support, you will get it now.


Yoga will bring a new source of income, rewarding profits, and an opportunity with higher income. Improvement in Health and Goodwill. Those who expect to get a job opportunity or travel abroad will get fulfilled during this Laxmi - Narayana yoga.


In matters of heart, this sign will be lucky. Suddenly you may feel inclined towards religious activities. You may see your long-time wish getting fulfilled. Financially as well things will improve. 


Broadly similar to Taurus sign they too will benefit a lot from the Laxmi-Naryana Yoga or Mercury-Venus Conjunction. It will bring peace, prosperity to both personal relationships and professional partnerships. They will be blissful and happy with their life partner during this time period. For those facing any trouble in a relationship, it is a favourable time to overcome it. Some of you will get monetary benefits through your partner and those unmarried are sure to get a good marriage proposal. Those in partnership business will develop a strong connection with their partner resulting in expansion and profits in business. 

Therefore, two signs Taurus and Scorpio are going to get affected majorly. Taurus because Venus is the ruler of this sign while on Scorpio, Mercury and Venus will have direct sight from Taurus. 

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