Is Omicron Covid-19 Variant Here to Say Goodbye or There Are More Mutated Strains?

07 January, 2022

The sudden rise of Omicron a new variant of Covid-19 has activated Immunity Booster campaigns everywhere. And we have already started hoarding stocks of Vitamin C. All the hope of life, returning to normalcy has been put to rest.


News channels have again started running updates on Omicron as if it’s the scoreboard of the India-Pakistan cricket match or by-poll election results.


Yoga, meditation and herbs are back with the onset of the Omicron Covid-19 variant.




The Universe Is at Its Peak to Teach Us Life’s Lessons. As we are once again thrown to Omicron COVID 19 variant Challenge


How can we forget the deadly COVID-19 second wave? Like me, many must have seen their near and dear ones struggling to survive, especially our elderly parents. Some of us are still bearing the pain of losing them. My hand trembles while writing this, all the worst memories of people struggling for every breath of oxygen came flashing back. The news channels are flooded with the rise in the number of Omicron Covid 19 cases.


Isn’t it high time to stop celebrating “lockdown is over”?  As we all know, the Indian economy cannot survive another lockdown phase. The chaotic situation faced during the first nationwide lockdown brought enough suffering to small-size businesses and daily wage earners.


Are we ready to see so much suffering yet again?



Covid-19 Pandemic Years Was It a Boon and a Bane Situation for Everybody?


If I overlook the sufferings caused, It would be an understatement to say that the COVID-19 pandemic was solely the bane of our lives. If we saw many descending under the pandemic situation, we also saw some of us rising pulling the opportunity to succeed.


COVID-19 re-usable mask
Small business during COVID-19
Hand_Sanitizer Covid-19

Proliferation of online business, many Covid care products industries sprang up, home business flourished, WFH/ Remote working became the new normal work culture.



Lessons Learnt that We Can Implement During Omicron Covid wave


I don’t need to tell what lessons were learnt over the last few years.  As we all realized, there is some higher power around us that is far superior to any power control we enjoy.


Honestly, my strength and confidence to fight also dabbled at the onset of the Omicron Covid 19 pandemic. I wanted some assurance from some source that my family is going to be safe. Even though I had stocked sufficient immunity boosters and would practice yoga regularly. Still, I was not at peace mentally and emotionally.


To such an extent that I consulted my family pandit who performed Yajna in the temple. However, we did get affected by COVID-19 during the second wave.


yOu must be wondering then how was it fruitful?  I will leave it for you to judge.


Let me share my experience, when mantras were being chanted during Yajna it created a Spiritual aura that not only strengthened my belief that Everything is going to be fine but also healed me emotionally and mentally. Which is very important for survival during any crisis. It relieved my stress, reduced anxiety and thus COVID did not adversely affect my quality of life.


TaKeAway From Askganesha


If you will perform Anushthans based upon your Planetary position readings it will release positive energy and create a sense of armour around you. Chanting Mantras will surely calm your mind and soul. But never forget to undertake the required COVID preventive measures.


To pacify the Omicron variant whether there will be another vaccine or not, we will have to wait until we see the impact of the fast-growing Omicron COVID variant.


In the meantime, to build our mental and emotional peace there are a few things we must consider doing:


  • Focus on positive thoughts, Don’t stop offering prayers to your Lord as it will help overcome any negativity.
  • Engage in any form of physical activity regularly like Yoga, walk and online sports
  • Start enjoying your favourite hobbies


Sounds familiar, yes previously also we have done this so this time it won’t be tough to refrain from social mingling and to keep ourselves healthier.




Apart From This Askganesha Team Has More Resolutions for You


Have you read about these benefits?


The herbs used in Homam/Yajna or sacrificial fire have antibacterial, antiviral and many other medicinal properties. When it is burnt the smoke clears toxins and harmful microorganisms from your environment.


Some of the ingredients used in Hawan are: -


Carom seeds Gugal Clove Clarified butter
Beetle nut Khas Khas Mulethi Saffron
Giloy Black Sesame Deodar bark Almond
Amla Camphor Black pepper Rose petal


Most of them can be traced in every kitchen. Even when used in cooking it has significant health benefits.


In Ancient times, Homam/Yajna was a religious practice in which special herbs were burnt.


Today, scientifically it’s proven that the vapours of oil extracted when herbs are burnt in the medicinal wood, aid in curing anxiety issues. Hence, Homam/Yajna has many therapeutic benefits.


Isn’t this the need for the pandemic environment?  We should perform this not only for our Home but also for Offices, Institutes and Schools.


At Askganesha we can provide you with Remedies based on your health queries or any other requirements:





During these testing times, to overcome fear and anxiety Askganesha recommends you to perform Homam/Yajnas for health and Chant following mantras:



Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Invoking Lord Shiva to overcome the fear of death and ageing


Askganesha Mahamrityunjayjaap Mantra




Aum  Tryambakam  Yajaamahe  Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam |

Urvaarukamiva  Bandhanaan-Mrityormuksheeya  Maamritaat ||



Roganashak Ma Durga Mantra to Cure-all kinds of Disease


Askganesha Health Mantra




Rogan  Sheshan-Apahansi  Tushta  Rushta  Tu Kaman  Sakalanabhishtan I

Tvamashritanam  Na  Vipannaranam Tvamashrita  Hya  Shrayatam  Prayanti II


And if you want to know what is the correct way to chant Mantra Askganesha is always here to help.



At Askganesha We always pray for your abundant Health and Peace!!

Senior Astrologer and Vastu Expert with Ask Ganesha
Qualified with Masters (Pharmacy), Jyotish Shiromani and Jyotish Acharya Degrees.

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