Can Mundane astrology be used to shield Life on earth? Vedas or Puranas also mention this aspect

17 May, 2022
Can Mundane astrology be used to shield Life on earth? Vedas or Puranas also mention this aspect Can Mundane astrology be used to shield Life on earth? Vedas or Puranas also mention this aspect

The sun in the Universe is giving light for the past five billion years. And when it will extinguish, lead to an extinction of all life on earth. Thus, reminding us that Human, Climatic, and Geographical formations every single cell is the result of the Sun. As Rightly Stated From the Sun arise all beings. The Sun sustains them all. Into the Sun they all vanish. What the Sun is, that I am. Surya Upanishad Atharvaveda   Astronomical study started in ancient times to predict weather conditions, and natural calamities like earthquakes, windstorms, drought, and heavy rainfall. This analysis or study inclusive of Social, Political, and financial conditions is known as Mundane Astrology. Do you know? Along with other factors the planetary positions can also cause drastic climatic changes. To the extent that it can indicate that the 2022 year will be the hottest season in over a century. In fact, it can also determine war situations. Astrology was an extremely important part of an empire or province during olden times without it no social, or religious rituals were regarded as valid. Even kings would consult their astrologers before reaching any important decision.

Significance of Mundane Astrology

It is one of the ancient forms of astrology called Samhita. Many books are written on it like Garg Samhita, Brihatsamhita, Narpatirjayach, Savatsari Paddhati, Varshprabodh, Ardhmartand and more. To give you a better understanding, in Garg Samhita it was predicted by Rishi Garg that Agresen will be a famous emperor with a farsighted vision. He had already started using 27 Nakshatras or Constellations in his form of astrology study. Rishi Garg also made predictions about Shree Krishna, Arjuna and Kurukshetra War. Whereas, Brihatsamhita or Varhamihira has valuable dedicated chapters about the rainfall, planetary movements, eclipses, seasons, cloud formation, rainfall, agriculture, mathematics, gemology, and many other topics. Thereby proving further that such astrological reading had substantial relevance in earlier times, as people would predict the weather and natural disaster. In fact, it has also been used to predict the ruling Kings tenure and his authority strength.

Similar to Native Astrology the celestial body study was used in Mundane astrology but a different methodology was adopted

In ancient times it was analyzed basis Koorma Chakra Chart. In this chart, a drawing of a tortoise is made and is marked by 27 constellations.

In this form of Astrology Planets also play a significant role

  1. The Sun which is regarded as the lord of all planets depicts Kings, the higher authority of the country. It also causes all the environmental changes.
  2. Moon being a water element it implies masses, foods, medicine, agriculture, and peace.
  3. Mars again is an aggressive planet like Sun as they both are Fire elements. It represents the Army, accidents, Wars, and the Volatile situation of a country.
  4. On the other hand, Mercury belongs to the earth element and depicts Trade and business, mental work, news, and literature.
  5. Jupiter is the planet of Air element associated with growth, expansion, healing, good fortune, education, and wealth.
  6. Venus is the water element, that governs aesthetics, relationship, pleasures, artist and population.
  7. Whereas Saturn is ether element represents hard work, a determination thats why they connect it with agriculturists, workers, producers of minerals, diseases and miseries also.
  8. Rahu which is known for being a malefic planet in astrology represents sudden loss and destruction. It considers Sun and Moon its enemies. It magnifies materialistic, mischievous, dissatisfied, and obsessive characteristics.
  9. Similar to Rahu the planet Ketu is also a Shadow planet. And it is responsible for an enormous impact on human lives. Ketu helps to accomplish the task undertaken successfully.
  10. Uranus brings out surprising or shocking news. All the unexpected events or disturbances occur due to Uranus. It influences social organizations, Gas & Water Supplies, Riots, etc.
  11. While Pluto represents rebirth, regeneration, discoveries, a new approach, evolution, or a new outlook. In a way, indicates incidents of rebellion.
  12. And the last one Neptune is known as the planet of delusions and temperament. Tells about any kind of cheating, fake, or corruption around us.


The Ancient Approach

Therefore, in Mundane astrology, these planets were assigned certain characteristics based on their positions which aid to make future predictions of the events related to social, economic, political, and climate. In fact, the 12 zodiac signs represent various countries and states which enable astrologers to make predictions for that particular region. And most importantly the 12 houses play an equally powerful role in mundane astrology.  

A small gist of each house will give a better perspective

The First House: The higher authority of a country, common people, the environment general situation of a country Second: Share market, Commercial deals, Banks, Nations Economy Third: Commuting and Communicating medium in a place like Railways, telephone, Newspaper Fourth: Farming conditions, Religion, Education, public department Fifth: Population, Entertainment, Literacy, Ruling authority capacity Sixth: Defence power of a country, public health, and Diseases Seventh: International connection, Conspiracies, Trade, rebellions Eighth: Natural Calamities, accidents, contagious diseases Ninth: Judiciary system of a place, Airforce, Science, and technology development Tenth: Ruling power of a country, command Eleventh: Trading, Law and order, Regulations Twelfth: Foreign Invasion, Hospital, Secret forces of a place, captivation   Besides these Solar and Lunar Eclipses also have an enormous influence on Mundane astrology readings. They are analyzed in the three most basic techniques in combination with the 12 Hindi months, 12 Gregorian months, and the various aspects of planets. All of the above techniques are a very basic overview of the study carried out in Mundane Astrology.  

Can Mundane astrology be used in the current scenario?

The Astrology philosophy of planetary movements and their effects on Earth is applicable to both human life and natural or circumstantial events. We have already heard of so many future predictions about Earth, Sun, and Mars made by Astrologers. It may not be as accurate as the meteorological department but it does give indications about the circumstances. Provided highly well qualified Astrologer is making predication because Mundane Astrology involves deep study of astronomy. However, these days there are very few Mundane Astrologers as it requires a vast knowledge of various cosmic factors in the Universe. But this knowledge can definitely be put to use to avert any future calamity or war situations in a place.  

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