Is World War Justified? An Astrological stance on War Situations

04 March, 2022
Is World War Justified? An Astrological stance on War Situations Is World War Justified? An Astrological stance on War Situations

Once again we all are skewed to Television sets without flickering an eyelid and this time praying for the safety of Indian students stranded in Ukraine. Aren't we hoping that the Russia-Ukraine War should not escalate to World War III? Especially if the superpowers like the USA and France intervene at a deeper level. How it started we know but to what extent it's going to have a ramification effect on several other countries is a big concern. What will World War III look like? What if it starts tomorrow? So many questions are pouring into our heads. You must be wondering what connection does astrology have with World War.  

To Understand the Relation between Astrology and World War let us check past Events

Speculations for World War III started ever since the Second World War got over. And after the acquisition of Nuclear weapons by many countries the debates over war increased all the more. I have been reading many predictions made for the time and date of the third World War. What triggers WAR? Conflicting opinion, Acquisition warfare, Rift over boundaries, Destructive Ego clashes. However, along with this, there are planetary transitions that lead to such nation-level drastic changes.   I found one very interesting fact about Astrology and War in an Astrology book. That the dual nature of Planet Pluto impacts vastly any War situation in the country. Because two extremely opposite opinions or conflicting power gets triggered under Plutonian influence.  

Based on the research I conducted, Planets does have an influence on War and it can be demonstrated with many examples:

  • The association of Saturn with Pluto in Gemini through the Third house conspired to the World War I situation. It is a very rare explosive combination according to Astrology. Here again, Pluto was transmitting its destructive energy through this conjunction with Saturn.
  • While In World War II Mars and Saturn conjunction in Aries was found, the sign of Mars proved a threatening combination during this time. Also, the Saturn aspect Pluto and Ketu in Cancer and Aquarius respectively was observed which resulted in the largest confrontation of WW II in the Battle of Stalingrad.

Exceptional changes were observed in planetary position when the Six years-long World War II ended. Like the Saturn and Rahu conjunct in Gemini, marked the completion of the war. Mars was not aspecting Ketu. Pluto and Saturn were separated. This reminds me of one of the verses of Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Gita








A Lot of Observation of Various Combinations Is Involved in War Astrology Like

Saturn and Ketu, Mars and Ketu, Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu-Ketu and in the past most frequently seen patterns were Pluto and Saturn. Whenever Pluto travels the planetary chart of a country, it creates extreme situations to either take away all the power or build a Superpower. Planet Pluto rules armed forces and governs the World Leader. While Saturn is the envoy of Pluto it represents stability. Therefore whenever the two conjunct or are in opposition it triggers major world changes.  

The Current Scenario in the Year 2022

Is this going to be a long War? Will US and NATO countries' interference lead to World War III



The Planetary Movement of Current Year Tells:

  • Mars is influencing Saturn and Rahu-Ketu for a whole year except for two small-time periods in between.
  • And since Mars is the ruler planet of War it can be predicted that it's going to be a long term War.
  • Another validating point is the combination of Moon and Mercury placed in the 3rd house which again is indicating that the War won't end anytime soon.

In fact, there may be another Superpower involvement in WAR because of Moon-Moon, and Moon-Mar's position in 2022-2023. These observations are just the essential points from the articles and books written on Astrology and War.   Eventually, whichever Planetary alignments cause WAR situation, we all don't want the world to bear so much pain. It only causes immense suffering, loss of life, Ruins Infrastructure and Economy crashes. Above all at the end of the War, we are left with Women and Children crying over the loss of their dear Ones.

As rightly expressed by famous personality in this quote











Askganesha truly prays for World Peace and the end of the War.

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