Zodiac signs that are bound to be dishonest

16 March, 2024
most dishonest Zodiac signs most dishonest Zodiac signs

Being a liar for a good cause is validated in Bhagwat Geeta also in which Lord Krishna says a lie spoken in the interest of somebody is better than a bitter and devastating truth. However, dishonesty shall not be appreciated anyway. Few relations are that you are blessed with, while there are few that we make and friendship is one of them. It is always a boon to know the degree of credibility before you trust the other person blindly. It is therefore important to know whom you can trust and whom not. Know zodiac signs that are bound to be dishonest and friends with who is most likely to be sitting on the edge of a sword.

Know the zodiac signs that make you vulnerable to deception and betrayal in the content below from high to low-

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If there is any zodiac sign that has the craft of lying, it is Gemini. The symbol of this zodiac sign, the twin justifies its trait of possessing a dual personality. The drift from one character to another is no big deal for folks of this zodiac sign. Vouching for their loyalty will be sheer your mistake as this zodiac sign is known to be the most disloyal zodiac sign that can harm you any time. It is predicted that the ability to lie multiplies with age. Don’t think that they will give up the habit of being mendacious as this tendency doesn’t even go with maturity.

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Leo individuals whether male or female are likely to lie to protect themselves from being caught or to not let their image be hampered by anyone. These are tricky individuals who may roar to prove themselves right and even don’t mind cooking up stories to defend themselves. They may be called the real manipulator who would turn the table around by hook or by crook. This zodiac sign blessed with immense energy may secretly use it against you. If you are in any kind of relationship with Leo, don’t follow them blindly as they are the best charmers who wouldn’t mind risking their relationship for their gain. Please note that all Leos aren’t dishonest and there is no harm in being vigilant.


Scorpio is one zodiac sign that doesn’t like to stay under the control of any person. Speaking lies is a not big deal for scorpions to stay out of the shadow of domination. These are the ones that wouldn’t admit their habit and in the worst-case case wouldn’t mind sacrificing their relationship. The habit of lying is often used by them like a weapon which can give you emotional and physical cut anytime. You may call them masterminds, and therefore identifying them gets difficult. This two-sided weapon shouldn’t be trusted and if it is about you in any case, please beware of them.


The Librans who have a balanced side to their personality, often get overpowering when comes to lying to prove them right. They are the ones who can stitch the hole in the cloud with their serpentine expertise. They may not be masterminds or a great planner, but they are best at getting people molded for their interests. This extremely secretive zodiac sign is a prince of their empire and wouldn’t mind attacking their enemy from the back to be superior. This zodiac sign women are the best mothers in the universe and are most likely to be betrayed and take revenge if anyone threatens their family. Remember, the Libran in your vicinity, you are prone to being backstabbed also. This is why we say beware of this dishonest zodiac sign the most.


Pisceans aren’t as good at lying as the above zodiac signs are. They aren’t someone who wouldn’t even mind lying a little to avoid the ruckus or hostility with a few people. This peacemaker and compassionate liar can be trusted even though they have been dishonest as they are compassionate and hurting anyone is their last option. They are otherwise honest individuals who should be trusted even though they have facts or lies against them.

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