Krishna’s Preachings to Arjun on Battlefield of Kurukshetra

12 April, 2024
Krishna’s Preachings to Arjun on Battlefield of Kurukshetra Krishna’s Preachings to Arjun on Battlefield of Kurukshetra

Bhagvad Gita is the dialogue between Lord Krishna and Arjun on the battlefield of Mahabharata, Kurukshetra. When on the battlefield Arjun saw his beloved like Bheeshma, Guru Dronacharya etc. On the opponent's side and refused to fight the battle against injustice, Krishna preached to him the reality of life and asked him to perform his duties. It acquaints and guides human beings even after centuries of the real truth of life, relations, death, belongings, etc. In this blog let us delve into Krishna’s preaching to Arjun on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.

Getting Started

Bhagvad Gita holds an answer to dilemmas related to life like the purpose of life, soulful peace, and real joy of life. It contains answers to questions relating to existence and incidents of life like morality, relations, love, etc. It is a route to find eternal happiness in life as it exposes the real identity of human beings.

Emphasize efforts, not results

Krishna says that, don’t worry about results, just work hard. Results depend upon the magnitude of your efforts. Without effort, expecting outcomes is illogical.

Believe in Karma

All you think, speak, and do, assimilates in the account of karma. Karma goes beyond death and one has to bear the burden of Karma after demise also. Good deeds or misdeeds will not go unrewarded. You may have to pay in multiple births for your misdeeds.

Fear is immaterial

Fear of Death is inapt. Nobody can kill you because the soul is immortal. Soul doesn’t take birth and also it cannot die. All that is happening in your life is for your betterment. Whatever happened in the past and all that will happen in the future will be for your good only.

You own nothing

What did you bring along at the time of your birth and what will you take with you after death? Do not cry for anything or have regrets because you own nothing. Do not be over-concerned about the future or have regrets about the past, because nothing is in your hands. You came empty-handed and you will have departure with empty-handed only.

Nothing is permanent

What you are proud of? What you own today was someone else’s yesterday and will be of someone else tomorrow. Nothing will last long with you because nothing is permanently yours. You are mistakenly cherishing the thought of owning things in the world.

Change is inevitable

Change is unavoidable. The cycle of life is bound to undergo many changes. Everyone who is born will die as it is a journey from birth to death and Moksha. What you feel is the end of life, is the beginning.

All are the same

Empty your mind with the thoughts of big or small and yours and mine. Everything is yours or you are not your own, you are everyone’s. Neither your body is yours nor are you of this body. What you are proud of will vanish completely one day. Your body is made up of five elements, i.e., air, water, fire, Earth, and ether, and one day eventually it will mix up in it only. You are no different from others.

Devote yourself to God

God is the extreme and true existence in the universe. You should rely on him solely and consequently have no fear, sorrow, and worry. Move ahead in your life with faith in God that whatever will happen will be for your best. God is the means to add bliss to your life.

Abandon lust, anger, and greed

These three emotions are included in Tamo Guna and are doors to self-destruction. Have agreed to good deeds like charity and care towards elderly people. Overpowering anger, lust, and greed will hinder the spiritual journey for every soul.

Shape your life with strong belief

As per Krishna, a sick person can get fit as fiddle with belief and courage to overcome. It is a conviction to stay happy that will keep you happy and amused. With credence, one can accomplish anything. Belief creates courage which is the destroyer of fears and hesitations. In a nutshell, turn the impossible into possible with a strong belief in yourself.

Above are a few preaching out of a total of 18 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita. Lord Krishna made a few promises as well while acquainting Arjun with the quintessence of life.

Take a look at the few assurances Krishna gives in the Bhagvad Gita.

1. He will take birth when adharma will overshadow dharma

Lord Krishna ensures to have his reincarnation whenever evils overpower innocents. He will arrive in the physical form and punish the misdemeanours. To reinstate belief in dharma and its principles, Lord Krishna will reincarnate in every era.

2. Promises to his devotees

Lord Krishna assure his unselfish devotees that they all will be looked after by him completely. He promises to protect them from getting on the wrong paths and provide them with all they lack.

3. Krishna promises to take up all Responsibilities

Krishna promises to provide his full support to all Vaishnavas. He says, “Shoulder your responsibilities, pain, and happiness onto me”. I am omnipresent and I will relieve you from pains and responsibilities. You are under his shadow always and all that comes to you is planned by him.

4. Yoga Brashtha

The people who die before attaining spiritual knowledge or do not attain spiritual peace due to any reason are said to be Yoga Brashtha. Such people will have a rebirth and their knowledge will go along in the next birth. Your spiritual practice will not go in vain and will get completed if not in one than in more births. Those who succeed in attaining spiritual acquaintance get free from the cycle of birth and death.

5. Sinful lives will also find Krishna

People who have spent their whole life doing sins also have the last chance to amalgamate in Krishna, if they while leaving their body chants Krishna.

6. Krishna's Devotees are blessed by him

Lord Krishna says that even wicked people who worship him will be taken care of by him. They can expect a positive transformation in life sooner or later as per their account of Karma. The name of Krishna is the source of happiness, and whoever chants it will be blessed by him. At the end of life cycle, his devotees meet Krishna irrespective of their good or bad deed.

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