Will Kashmir ever return to normalcy? Kashmir files' sketches the long denied Kashmiri pandits exodus

23 March, 2022
Will Kashmir ever return to normalcy? Kashmir files' sketches the long denied Kashmiri pandits exodus Will Kashmir ever return to normalcy? Kashmir files' sketches the long denied Kashmiri pandits exodus

Kashmir Files' movie revolves around the mass departure or Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in the year 1990 from the Valley of Kashmir. It is breaking most of the latest movie box office collection records. Soaring high to a superb start and continuing to rise with each day. As a result, the Movie has become a reference study material for knowledge seekers. The Kashmir Massacre has never ever been spoken with such details for over the last 32 years. Although the movie has caught itself into a lot of controversies, still it has generated humongous praises. Kashmir files has revealed the horrific reality of the Kashmir riots of 1990, which was kept away from the public forum. To my own surprise, the movie trailer carried me to my childhood incident, some of you may relate to it. I can still visualise that night of the 1984 Sikh riots in Delhi. All the resident male members had gathered with sticks, glasses, stones, rods whatever they could use as a weapon. While the women and children were at home. It was to safeguard their families from the armed mobs' anger, which was burning the city that day. In fact, till this date, that night of fear and bravery has stayed with me.

I wonder, how Kashmiri Pandits survived the excruciating pain of losing family members, ancestral home and livelihood

Just can't Stop thinking of hundreds of unarmed Pandits who were brutally killed and lakhs of them who were forced to leave Kashmir. The Kashmiri Pandits have survived with resilience despite the fact that they experienced unimaginable fear, panic, uncertainty and threats. After watching 'Kashmir files' I can say indeed the movie has very well uncovered many untold brutal facts about the Kashmiri Pandits ethnic cleansing from Kashmir.  

Who are Kashmiri pandits

Kashmiri Pandit They belong to the Saraswat Brahmin community of India. Related to the Pancha Gauda Brahmin group from the Kashmir Valley. According to the Vedic time scriptures, Kashmir was named after the sage Maharishi Kashyap. They qualified for most of the States high profile Jobs, as this community always had high Literacy and Education rate. The Kashmiri Pandits have very strong cultural contributions to Shaivism, Sanskrit Literature, Astrology, Ayurveda, Music, Dance and Temple architecture. Their religious belief is rooted in Kashmiri Shaivism, a Shiva philosophy that originated around 400 AD. Tryambakaditya the disciple of sage Durvasas, was the first teacher of this school. Then around 800 AD Sangamaditya, the sixteenth descendent of Tryambakaditya came to the Kashmir valley. Later on, the fourth descendent Somananda formed his own monistic Shiva philosophy from the scriptures. It is known as Shivadrishti philosophy, the first philosophical account of Kashmiri Shaivism. Subsequently, many sages, such as Vasugupta, Kalata, Utapaladeva, and Abinavagupta further refined this philosophy.   Do you know in the 14th century many Kashmiri Pandits were forced to migrate? They had to split into three subcastes: Guru/Bachabat (Priest), Jyotish (Astrology) and Karkun (Who were historically hired by the government). That's why, Kashmir has so many Sacred Temples like Martand Sun Temple, Harmukh, Mata Kheerabhawani temple. Shivratri or Herath and Nevreh or Kashmiri Lunar new year is an important Kashmiri pandit festival.  

Astrological readings of Kashmir

Kashmir was merged into India on 26th October 1947 at 13.21hrs in Srinagar. The planetary position of this day tells

  • Saturn was in transit at exact 28 degrees over the natal Sun.
  • The lord of Lagna was in degreecal aspect of Ketu. Lagna in aspect of Rahu. Moon in the aspect of Ketu. Jupiter was also with Ketu.
  • Astrologers' readings based upon the accession date of Kashmir, tells that the state is dominated by Rahu and Ketu.
  • Rahu and Ketu's planetary position suggests terrorism in the State.
  • The astrological study based on the geographical placement and events does influence the tranquillity and prosperity of the Place.
    • Pulwama attack followed by Balakote air attack it was all because of the fiery combination of Saturn and Mars

Likewise, it was the influence of Ketu that Article 370 got imposed on Jammu and Kashmir on 17th November 1952. Thereafter, the terrorism activities only aggravated over the last 7 decades. Surprisingly it took 70 years to eliminate Article 370 and the revocation process started only after the outset of Mars Mahadasha.


To Summarise

Kashmir Valley of Flowers In effect, complete peace is not yet possible in the valley of Kashmir. The military rule will continue although the Government may revive some Peace and Normalcy in the State. I would also say that Astrology or Planetary positions solely cannot be held responsible for the unrest in the state. There are so many other environmental and behavioural factors involved. Maybe it is high time we start working on the external elements. And the removal of Article 370, Public acknowledgement of movies like 'Kashmir Files' is just a small step towards harmony in the state. For decades the valley has witnessed immeasurable violence and unrest. The charming valley has transformed from Paradise into a battle zone. When will the miseries, pain of Kashmiris end? Will Kashmir ever return to its original personification? As described in Amir Khusros famous words  

Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast,

Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast.

If there is a heaven on earth, its here, its here.


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