Britney Spears pregnancy at 40, raises hope, Vedic astrology can help aspiring parents to bring Home 'Happiness

15 April, 2022
Britney Spears pregnancy at 40, raises hope, Vedic astrology can help aspiring parents to bring Home 'Happiness Britney Spears pregnancy at 40, raises hope, Vedic astrology can help aspiring parents to bring Home 'Happiness

The Newspaper, Viral media networks are full of Britney Spears pregnancy news. At the age of 40, she announced her third pregnancy with her Fiancee/ husband Sam Ashgari. In the Instagram post, she has also spoken about, how this time she would be doing Yoga every day'. She also expressed concerns about perinatal depression, which she went through during her earlier pregnancy. Britney Spears has two children, with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline. I guess soon you will get to see her baby bump pictures like other celebrities. These days it seems there is some fashion parade for pregnant women. In a way, it reflects the pride and happiness that these women carry with them. Unfortunately, over the last few decades, there is also an increase in the number of IVF centres. Same for Pre-pregnancy, and Post-pregnancy counselling departments. This is really good as these centres give hope to childless parents. In fact, the counselling department in hospitals is a big emotional and mental support for pregnant women. They help during her journey from the Prenatal to the Postnatal phase.  

Totally agree with what Britney Spear has spoken in her post

"It's hard because when I was pregnant, I had perinatal depression. I have to say it is absolutely horrible. Women didn't talk about it back then. Some people considered it dangerous if a woman complained like that with a baby inside her, but now women talk about it every day. Thank Jesus we don't have to keep that pain a reserved proper secret." This emotional stress has increased over the last few years possibly because of the Nuclear family set-up or lesser devoted time to self-healing through Yoga or mediation. Earlier there used to be a Joint family set-up, a lot of ceremonies were carried out during pregnancy, and elders would perform puja regularly. All this used to give her much-needed positivity and energy at this time.  

To my mind, it raises questions as to how during olden times these issues were managed

Do our Vedas or Upnishads have solutions for pregnancy? Can Vedic astrology help in conceiving or in Childbirth? Is there any Mantra or Gemstone that can energise them?  

Lets us first start with Vedas or Upnishads

Garbha Upanishad has details on the evolution of the embryo inside the mother's womb, associated with the Krishna Yajurveda by some while some scholars have also connected it with the Atharvaveda. The text also talks about the theory of the formation and development of the human embryo and the human body after birth. However, beyond a few sections of manuscripts, the texts are inconsistent with each other. Interestingly it has a passage stating about the foetus's awareness, knowledge of its past lives, an intuitive sense of good and bad,. But the foetus doesn't remember anything during the process of birth.

Do you remember the story of Arjuna and Subhadra?

Their son Abhimanyu had learnt the technique of entering the Chakrahvyuha while he was in his mother's womb. When Arjun had narrated to Subhadra the warfare technique. The medical research also tells that the emotions and experiences of pregnant women do have an impact on the growth and development of the child. Hence for this reason pregnant women are told to read certain Mantra from Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavatam, Vishnu Sahasranama, Lalita Sahasranama, Sri Rudram, etc. Reciting Mantras gives good health, peace, and energy which will help the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth of the child in the womb and afterwards. There are many Mantras meant for pregnant women in our Vedas. To cure all kinds of problemsfaced by a couple right from conception till birth. In fact these days I have seen people consult a highly qualified Astrologer for Shubh Muhurat for the delivery date and time.  

This may surprise you, our Vedic astrology can locate the problem areas in the Kundli of couples, facing childbearing issues. And can also guide them through the process of conception till or after Childbirth.


  • Planning to have childbirth consult an expert astrologer, he will tell the timing of conception according to good nakshatra or constellation. As a good planetary position will ensure a healthy child.
  • While for couples facing issues with a childs birth, the horoscope of both husband & wife should be analysed in detail. Must check for Pitra Dosha's presence or the position of malefic planets in a certain house.
  • If the conception which is called Adana Lagna, takes place during ill effects of planetary alignments, then this can result in severe problems or even miscarriages or caesarian.
  • They can analyse the effects of stars or planets on nine months of pregnancy like the sixth month is ruled by Saturn and if it is weak then it can affect the development of the child.
  • In Astrology the fifth house is considered most important for pregnancy and childbirth. If this house is weak or comes under the malefic effects of planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu, then it creates a lot of problems in childbirth and getting pregnant.
  • There is a compelling connection between the Lunar cycle and baby conception theory. The transiting moon phases can help those who for long are unable to conceive a child.
  • You must have heard of Lal Kitaab an astrology book written in 19 century which also has information, about the planetary effects and remedies for pregnancy and childbirth. This book is based on our Vedic Jyotish, It tells that Jupiter which is the lord of the fifth house controls child-related problems.
  • And finally, to substantiate these points there are Ayurvedic Hospitals that follow Astro-Ayurvedva-Vedic Karmakanda efforts, to help couples have healthy/ideal progeny via the process of Ayojit Garbhadaan (Planned Pregnancy).

Hence time and again the connection between Astrology and Childbirth has been established, through our Vedic Astrology.

The desire to have a child or issues related to pregnancy is such a crucial matter of life, that any astrological help should be taken, only after consulting an expert qualified Astrologer who can guide you through this journey. If you want to understand in detail astrological remedies for childbirth problems I would suggest, go through our blog Askganesha. Askganesha can guide you through your pregnancy. They can help with the following Effective Mantras for childbirth/children Auspicious time for Childbirth Astrology on Childbirth with Life Report Progeny Report - Star analysis of your horoscope For more please visit Askganesha Child-predictions  

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