Karva Chauth: Cherishing the bond of a Long & Happy Married Life

15 October, 2019
Karva Chauth: Cherishing the bond of a Long & Happy Married Life Karva Chauth: Cherishing the bond of a Long & Happy Married Life

The north Indians settled either in India and other parts of the world celebrate Karwa Chauth with huge religious significance. It is a festival celebrated in India that asks us to believe in and celebrate the institution of marriage. All married Hindu women observe this fast to ensure the well-being and longevity of their husbands. According to the Hindu calendar, this festival falls on Chaturthi (fourth day after full moon) in the month of Kartik. Married women fast for the well being and long life of their husbands and unmarried women fast for their desired husbands. There are different rituals and stories that follow these festivals but one in all that is religiously followed for the long life of husbands and whole day fasting ends with moonrise and worshipping the moon and praying for husbands. Even now a day's many males also started fasting on Karva Chauth for their loving wives and their well being. Observing fast on this day is difficult as one has to spend completely without taking a sip of any form of food or fluid hence making it more difficult.

Quick tips before Fasting on Karva Chauth

  • Take sargi in the morning. Dont take much sweet food as they make you feel hungrier in the later stage of the fast
  • Take diet rich in proteins and carbs as they provide energy to carry out your day
  • A glass of milk in the morning shall serve the best

The Karwa Chauth Puja

The women worship Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh, Kartikeya and the moon. The women sit around the image of the deity with their bayas. They also place a karva or a pitcher full of water and seven pieces of pua in front of her. It is adorned with kharia, aipun and a little roli. A red thread or commonly named Roli is tied around the karva. At the start of the puja, women apply the roli-teeka to Goddess Gauri and also to themselves. The thumb and the third finger of the right hand is used to sprinkle water on the image of the goddess. The same procedure is repeated with aipun and roli. Lastly, rice is showered on the image. An elderly woman of the family/society narrates the tale of Karva Chauth. The women then pray for the longevity and welfare of their husbands. While chanting the prayers to the God/goddesses, they pass their bayas from one to another. The wait for the moonrise begins after sundown and as soon as the moon is sighted, prayers are offered to the moon. The women while opening their fast observe the moon through a sieve and then break their fast. The first sip of water and the first bit of food is to be offered by the husband. This is followed by a grand feast for the dinner.

During the Fast

  • If you are a pregnant lady then having a meal in a day shall be a good option.
  • Having some fruits if you feel weak during the course of fast
  • Its better to take proper rest or indulge with friends so no such thought of cheating your fast comes to your mind

Quick tips after opening the fast

  • Avoid direct intake of oily food. The oily food might increase your acid level and you shall start feeling uncomfortable.
  • Starting off with light food like fruits, juice and water
  • Take enough water to keep yourself hydrated after the fast.
  • Coffee or tea is a strict NO. Just like oily food, coffee, and tea too tend to increase your acidity level
  • The best shall be to take up any carbonated drink followed by a light meal

Hope this shall help you to observe a good fast. Team AskGanesha wishes you all a very happy Karva Chauth.

May you get blessed with a happy married life.

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