Jewelry Gifts for your partner as per the Zodiac sign

22 August, 2022
Jewelry Gifts for your partner as per the Zodiac sign Jewelry Gifts for your partner as per the Zodiac sign

Jewellery is symbolic of Beauty, Elegance, Self-esteem and Opulence. In fact, traditionally the more covered a woman used to be with the Jewellery the more family pride and elegance were attached to her.  It is extremely adored everywhere in the world by everyone. The Kings and affluent men and women used to wear heavy Jewellery as a veil to show off their power and self-importance. It not only highlights the personality of the wearer but also the preferences and stature.

Do you know the metal and stones used in Jewellery have planetary significance?

If Jewellery is worn according to Zodiac signs it can be very effective and rewarding. Let us check what would be ideal Jewellery for each of the Zodiac signs.  


Aries women are known to deal with any situation. They are mentally and emotionally strong enough to take wise decisions. Their strong nature enables them to make the right choice for themselves. Hence most of the time they can choose wisely and make an impact. She likes to dress for all occasions and carries well the latest fashion from simple to bold looks gracefully. 

Aries women mostly choose something distinct and elegant like Amethyst, Agate, and Aquamarine gemstones. 

Mars is its ruling planet, so Aries women should go for Red Coral Gemstones or Garnet. Which is a gemstone of Mars. Red Coral will help them replenish energy and improve their muscular system.


Taurus women have a fondness for luxurious things and at the same time know how to carry them respectfully. Taurus women are diplomatic and calm in handling a tough situation. Planet of aesthetics and beauty Venus rules it. Classic eye-catching Jewellery attracts them and she usually prefers to buy something for their neck. But Venus planet women don't like to experiment much with their looks so they should buy Jewellery that stays in trend for a longer time. 

Opal and Diamond are perfect for Taurus stylish women. Opal brings peace and magnanimity while diamond on the other hand brings maturity and romance to relationships.


She has the most vibrant personality with excellent witty communication skills. At times they may face difficulties because of their extreme emotions. Jewellery is more of an expression of their mood and emotions. But she also loves to collect the latest trendy Jewellery. Gemini women are confident and full of life that's why she can carry bold Jewellery with ease. They generally prefer to buy smart and pretty accessories for their fingers and wrist.

As Mercury is its ruling planet you may find these women caught in multiple unfinished things so a gem-studded watch can be the best gift for them. Beneficial gemstones for Gemini women are Jade or Emerald which can help them to be in control of their running thoughts and emotions.


Cancer women are the most emotional Zodiac sign because of which they get attached to something or somebody deeply. They are attractive and secretive, and at the same time, they are dependable. However, Cancerians very easily get influenced by outside energy. As the sign is ruled by the planet Moon she needs to watch out for her emotions, mood swings and energies which she has the tendency to absorb from outside. Therefore Moonstone and Pearl are ideal gemstones for Cancerian women. These stones will surely help them to think practically and wisely.  Moonstone has the power to heal emotionally and pearl brings emotional stability to their life


All that glistens Leo women want to acquire in their life. She always wants to stand out in the social group. Therefore choose the most attractive and loud Jewellery piece. They don't dress for the occasion rather they pick the dress and Jewellery which will fetch them maximum glances. The dazzling gold and bold Sun is the ruling planet which makes them an extrovert personality. So an extravagant, bright and bulky neckpiece will match her desires. Leo women's lucky stones are Red Spinel or Yellow Sapphire. Both the stones help to overcome anxiety, depression, poor eyesight, blood circulation issues and stress issues for Leos. Red Spinel resembles Ruby a lot while Yellow Sapphire is regarded as similar to ruby and blue sapphire stone. 


Virgo women is a perfectionist, meticulous, and choose investments over expensive purchases. These women don't neglect self-care and connect well with nature's beauty. They are known to be minimalistic in life so she always prefers sleek clover or fern-shaped pendant or bracelet which reflects her earthy sign. Virgo’s are ruled by Mercury hence their favourable stones are Emerald and Green Tourmaline. Emerald infuses inspiration, wisdom and patience in their life. On the other hand, Green Tourmaline brings luck, success, and prosperity. 


She socialises a lot and enjoys dressing up for every occasion. To look beautiful she keeps herself updated with the latest trends. Libra women don't like to repeat their Jewellery. As Venus is the ruler of this sign nothing gives as much kick as being attractive and beautiful. They are very expressive in showing their love to people around them, so a heart-shaped pendant is a perfect gift. They are excellent at maintaining a balance between their professional and personal life. White Quartz or Diamond suits best for Libra women. White Quartz enhances tranquillity whereas Diamond ensures that clarity and positivity stay around. 


You may find Scorpio women shy, introverted, less expressive and mysterious. But once you acquaint with them their strong willpower, charming nature and courage will exhibit. But they don't like to experiment with trending fashion rather they go by their own choices. Pluto which is the planet of transformation rules Scorpio. So to stand out in the crowd Scorpio women may make distinct choices like tattoo or body piercing. The lucky gemstones for Scorpio women are Carnelian or Red Coral gemstones. Carnelian is a semi-precious gemstone. It amplifies courage and helps in making positive life choices. Red Coral helps to overcome fear and boosts self-esteem.


Highly active women and absorbed in various activities. She enjoys her freedom most and at times can get impulsive. They are more focused on their own life. Sagittarius women accomplish tasks with all their heart and energy. Since they always have hands full of tasks they move on in life smoothly. She doesn’t want bulky Jewellery as it bothers her, in doing various activities. Instead, prefer easy-to-wear and easy-to-carry kinds of Jewellery. Ruby and Yellow Sapphire are apt for arduous Sagittarius women. Ruby can promote concentration, loyalty and also heal them as she consumes a lot of energy. The Yellow Sapphire can help to embrace divine grace and improve relationships with loved ones.


Capricorn women are ambitious and level-headed. Which makes them highly influential people in their circle. Therefore for them, Jewellery is more of an asset than a style statement. Besides their ambition keeps them occupied so she may not maintain the latest Jewellery set box. Still, she falls for good quality and well-crafted Jewellery. And enjoys flaunting luxurious Jewellery to impress. Lucky gemstones for confident Capricorn women are Blue Sapphire or Diamond. Blue Sapphire brings spirituality and eases any mental and emotional pressure in life. And Diamond stimulates creativity and brings clarity to the mind.


Aquarius women are sincere and hardworking because of this they are able to achieve most of the things they desire in their personal and professional life. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus planet implying that she is innovative and intuitive in her outlook. She likes Jewellery that she can mix and match with her attire. Aquarius women's benevolence and passion for nature are appreciable. She usually picks up Jewellery that reminds her of a memorable journey. Something which is versatile and vibrant. Because Aquarius is a water sign she likes to highlight her calves, feet, and ankles. So a beautiful amulet can be a good gift for them. Iolite or Blue Sapphire are best for Aquarian Women. Iolite, also known as the ‘Vikings’ Compass,’ is believed to carry the passion of journey, dreams, exploration and enlightenment. Whereas Blue Sapphire boasts strength and releases blockage. 


I read somewhere that  “Pisces are dreamers, with great hope for the future and a strong intuition for what's coming next”. She always flows with the latest trend and has a strong creative and spiritual bent. Pisces women want to be a winner in all situations and can get upset if things don't turn as expected. At the same time, she has the ability to build an emotional connection as they empathise well with people. Therefore Pisces women can be impressed both by an exquisite high-priced piece of Jewellery to a creative trendy simple piece. The Neptune planet of dreams and fantasy is its ruling planet. So Natural Pearl gemstone suits most Pisces women.  It removes fear and anxiousness. And motivates them to find their true potential.

In addition to this, many nuances are attached to Jewellery in Indian families like traditional rituals, legacy, and religious beliefs. Such as Gold is regarded as an extremely auspicious metal it purifies whatever it touches. 

Hence, Jewellery is not just a decorative piece but a string of emotions, and glorious traditions dangle from it.

Hopefully, this will help you next time when you choose Jewellery for yourself or gift somebody. 

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