Can Astrology Help to find a Faithful partner or give Solutions to make One

Besides love and respect, the most crucial thing is Trust which we look for in our life partner. Won't it be convenient and comforting, if you would know in advance? How trustworthy is your partner? Whether your love interest or existing partner will love you with the same passion and faithfulness all his/her life? 

Many times questions arise in our minds, such as, is our partner strong enough to refrain from temptation in the future? 

Marriage or relationship commitment is a long-term association that bears the brunt of all the phases of life. Vedic Astrology has solutions to all your fears for any Extramarital affairs in your relationships. There are many astrological ways to discover about any such illicit affair in Birth Chart. One can find out from the Birth chart of the spouse about any brewing up love affairs. You will be surprised to know that stars even decide if love marriage is on the card or arrange marriage. 

Love affairs

Let's here understand what leads a committed person to secret affairs.

In the Astrology context, it is a kind of tug of war between two planets Mercury and Jupiter which indicates Extramarital Affairs. Moon is linked to our Mind and the wisdom which influences the mind is ruled by Jupiter. While planet Mercury impacts the intelligence of a person. Therefore, the Astrologer first gauges Moon’s position with respect to Jupiter and Mercury in the spouse's Horoscope. Then he checks which planet Mercury or Jupiter is in conjunction with the 5th or 9th house of the native chart. This is the major point to consider if Mercury is in these houses then it reflects the spouse's lustful desires whereas if it's Jupiter then the person is faithful to the spouse.

There is a saying 'catch them when they are young', extramarital affairs status can also be found before marriage at the time of Horoscope matching of the prospect couple. Check the Tara Koota, to find the trust factor between the prospects, Varna Koota and Vashya Koota to understand the basic nature, mutual attraction & connection and Yoni Koota Gun Milan for sexual compatibility between perspectives.

Planets and Houses in the Chart that leads to disloyalty

Venus is associated with love and relationships, its extremes can create problems in your commitment to your spouse or partner. Rahu which is known as the Mlechha Karaka instigates such negative traits in individuals. The malefic alignment of Rahu, Mars and Venus clearly indicates entanglements outside committed relationships.

Also when Rahu, Venus, Moon or Mars connect with the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th and 12th house it leads to Love affairs or secretive relationships. The reason is for such consequences are: The 3rd, 7th and 11th Houses belong to Kama (Desire). Kama or Desire is directly responsible for the most extramarital affairs. And the 5th House implies romantic relationships while the 12th is for physical pleasures. Thus an astrologer analyse various combinations of these Planets and Houses to unravel the love affairs of the spouse.

Punarphoo Dosha

It is formed due to the conjunction of Saturn and Moon also affects relationships and marriage. It builds sudden last-minute challenges. Basically, the Moon that signifies the Mind, emotions, family, and home will aspect with Saturn which is known for Karma, discipline, responsibility and delay. In this combination, Saturn overpowers Moon qualities and causes delays, over sensitivity, and procrastination. It gets stronger if Saturn is placed in the seventh house with the Moon. This results in postponing marriage dates, broken relationships, cancelling engagements, disagreements and distrust. Eventually, the spouse gets entangled in extramarital affairs.


Get Punarphoo Dosha Shanti Puja done by an expert to mitigate its effect.

Get Punarphoo Dosha checked during Horoscope matching time before marriage.

In fact, there are certain Zodiac signs that are more prone to love affairs. Scorpio, Aries and Taurus desire more physical pleasure, however, it also depends on their compatibility equation with their partner. Similarly, because Libra and Cancer Zodiac signs desire more love than what their partner gives, they are easily swayed when someone outside of their relationship gives them the love and attention they crave.

Please note that before reaching any conclusion always consult an expert Astrologer who is qualified to make such a deep analysis. However, I would say those who are in control of themselves don't have to fear the effects of malefic planet alignment or conjunctions. During the day there will always be a planet overpowering our nakshatras like the Rahu Kaal time period, if you are weak it can easily expand your greed, anger, and lust. Consequently impacting the relationship with the spouse or partner. 

Corrective measures to disengage any Extramarital Affairs 

There are many such factors in the horoscope which can entice you into illicit relations. But every time we cannot blame Kundli for such actions it's important to enforce self-control, and determination and perform remedial puja.

Revisiting what I discussed in the beginning the tussle between Mercury and Jupiter in Moon’s presence determines Extramarital Affairs. If the Native chart has Jupiter in the 5th or 9th house it denotes a trustworthy partner or spouse. Hence if an astrologer guides Native to strengthen his Jupiter planet it can prove beneficial for those who have extramarital affairs in their horoscope.

Askganesha can guide you in performing right remedies.

If you are sure that your spouse is involved with someone or paying extra attention to someone. To regain his love and attention you can get Vashikaran Maha Anushthan Puja done. This Puja will not only rekindle the lost love but also strengthen it. It will save your relationship or married life from shattering down. To rescue you from these worries you can take help of suggested remedial pujas.

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