Is Peace Attainable???

23 September, 2015

Is Peace Attainable? Yes It Is Possible Through Empathy

Peace is a complex and absolutely a multifaceted concept and whether it is attainable or not depends on various factors and perspectives. In some cases, peace can be achieved through such methods such as diplomacy, conflict resolution, and obviously negotiation. However, in other cases, peace may be elusive due to deep-rooted systemic issues, ideological differences, or some entrenched conflicts.

The notion of peace can be subjective, and different individuals or groups may have different ideas about what peace actually means to them. For some, peace may mean the very absence of physical violence, while for others; it must possess social justice, economic equality, and freedom from oppression. Complete and universal peace may be difficult to achieve but it is still worthwhile to strive for it by promoting understanding, serious empathy, and cooperation among people and nations so to say.

How Can You Attain Peace?

Attaining peace is not an easy task. It requires effort and cooperation at many levels. Here we are going to bring before you some ways that can help you to attain peace.

Empathy helps us to connect with others on a deeper level, and to see the world from respective point of view. This can lead to more constructive dialogue and a greater likelihood of finding the very common ground.

Conflict is a natural part of human interaction, but how we handle conflict can make a significant difference in whether it escalates into violence or is resolved peacefully. 

Communication is essential for building trust and understanding among individuals and groups. 

Foster education and awareness: Education and awareness can help to promote understanding and empathy among different groups. By learning about different cultures, histories, and perspectives, individuals can gain a greater appreciation for the richness and diversity of the world and develop more positive attitudes towards others.

Addressing systemic issues such as inequality, discrimination, and poverty can help to reduce tensions and promote social cohesion. 

These are just a few examples of ways that individuals and communities can work towards attaining peace

What Will You Have to do to Attain Pace?

Work to address systemic issues such as inequality, discrimination, poverty, and corruption, which can contribute to tensions and conflict.

Provide resources and support for conflict resolution efforts, including mediation, negotiation, and peace building  initiatives.

Build bridges between communities to foster relationships and collaboration between communities with different backgrounds and beliefs, and promote interfaith and intercultural dialogue.

Uphold human rights principles and support efforts to protect and promote the rights of individuals and marginalized groups.

All should allocate resources and funding for peace building efforts, including conflict prevention, peacekeeping, and post-conflict reconstruction.

How to attain peace? Actually to attain peace is a complex and ongoing process that needs effort and commitment from individuals, all communities, organizations, and governments at all levels. It needs a willingness to listen, understand, and respect different perspectives, and a commitment to work together towards a shared vision of a peaceful and just world.


Peace (freedom from disturbance). It is a very serious question. Sometimes it seems a utopian idea but sometimes it's like it will never happen. Everyone in this world dreams of Peace. Protestors filled the streets around the world as the war in Iraq began. They shouted for peace, lifted the banner for peace and marched for peace, but the peace they desired do not attain. There will always be nations who have ulterior motives who will never let this happen. Because of the nations hidden motives people has to suffer and they'll not able to attain peace. In this world nothing is in hands of common people, Every common person dreams of peace, but because of the politics around the world, because of the powerful people and because of the race to the top of the world, these common people has to suffer and they are not able to attain peace. For Example when World War 2 happened, People has no choice there but to go to the war.

People pray to god for peace, most religions taught us to make peace all around, but many wars are fought in the name of those religions only. As long as war and greed are alive in the hearts of the men and women we cannot attain peace, only the change of hearts will make peace attainable.

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