How Kundli Dosh Can Affect Marriage?

08 August, 2019
How Kundli Dosh Can Affect Marriage? How Kundli Dosh Can Affect Marriage?

Every person born on this planet has a unique destiny. This destiny which is unique is governed by the placements of different planets in their horoscope. Janam Kundali or horoscope has various Kundli dosh in astrology which is not very visible. The horoscope matching depends on day, date, time and place of the birth of both the individuals. As these doshas can be harmful it is important to find a Kundali Dosh Nivaran. Kundli doshas may or may not affect your marriage which depends upon the horoscope of the individual and couples still have a chance at a happy married life. Kundli dosh is given the highest meaning while checking for marriage compatibility among two individuals. Some cases of Kundli Dosh can have a serious impact which may last for a long time among married couples. Therefore, its a piece of serious advice that marriages between two incompatible people should be avoided. There are many suitable remedies which are done to reduce the bad impact of this dosh on a persons marriage.  
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Understanding Kundli Dosh and its impact on marriage

The process of matching kundlis starts by comparing the 36 aspects of the couple planning to be wed. It is said at least 18 aspects should match between both the kundlis according to the Astrology Kundli Predictions. Kundali matching along with other astrological aspects of the couple can determine whether they will live in happiness and harmony with lesser problems in their wedded life. Kundli dosh refers to certain serious defects in the horoscope compatibility of the two persons planning to get married. According to numerous astrologers, couples with these doshas can opt for Kundali Dosh Remedies and enjoy a smooth marriage.  
There are 3 most common Kundli dosh instances in the horoscope, such as:

Mangal Dosha

Mangal dosh is commonly found in the horoscopes and more likely a point of a high problem among the different kinds of Kundli dosh cases. This dosh ranges from high to low according to the position of Mars. It may depend upon the positions of other planets and the way all planets relate with Mars. This dosha can create some major problems such as delayed marriage, troubled married life, the death of the spouse, separation from the life partner and frequent clashes in the family.

Nadi dosha

Astrological readings of the Kundlis of the couples may reveal that both the candidates belong to the same Nadi Dosha which is called Nadi dosh. This case can affect the point of view of marriage compatibility. The presence of this dosh predicts an unfulfilling married life or a highly troubled love life. The most major effects of this kind of dosh on marriage include unfulfilling relationship, clashes at home, absence bonding between the couple and absence of children in the family.

Bhakut Dosha

Bhakut Kundli dosh should not be present in the horoscope matching during the prospects of marriage. This dosh can highly affect the marriage by making the couples infertile or reducing the chances of childbirth in the family. The Bhakut dosh effects can stay in the married life for a very long time. This dosha can also affect financial status in the family, mutual happiness among partners and life span of the couples.  
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Kundli Milan has many benefits and is proven to be a very safe method to measure the future of the couples planning for marriage. In todays modern world there are several instances of late marriages, love marriages, inter-caste or even inter-race marriages. Horoscope match may not sound practical but it can help in finding out any kind of Kundli Milan doshas. Such an astrological process along with many other methods can give some idea about a persons psyche and in turn help in taking a mature decision. Horoscope matching is one of the best methods which can give the couple about the future partners traits and a real image into their future life. Hence, Kundli matching can be considered a good option if you are confused to choose your right partner. You can consult Askganesha for Gun Milan and Kundali Milan Online for guiding your way to a perfect marriage.

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