Marriage Astrology and Horoscope Matching

Married or planning your marriage, cosmos are the main idea behind the influencing the date of your marriage. Marriage Astrology can offer you the clue about the big day and the marriage itself. The zodiac sign and the Sun decided the wedding for a cosmic insight that can put you on the path toward "happily ever after." Astrologers who are known as wise men are helping some couples to select auspicious dates and times for their ceremonies which is also known as muhurat. The art of timing is an important event in astrology. Astrologers know that the moment of the declaration which takes place during the vows or Phere as per Hindu tradition is the main ground for any marriage to be good or bad.   marriage in hindu scriptures

Marriage astrology and Hindu Scriptures

There are 3 things that make a wedding successful and everlasting:

  • Wedding with the right person
  • Wedding at an auspicious date
  • Wedding ceremonies at the auspicious time

If you look at the ancient Hindu scriptures and Vedas, you will that all of them give a very strong emphasis on marriage ceremony and states that marriage is a sacred institution which can not be broken during the couples lifetime. Astrologers as called the learned ones to read astrology charts of the couple to give suitable time for all marriage ceremonies during their matchmaking.   vedic astrology

The Vedic astrology behind Marriage Astrology

According to Vedas, marriage astrology, the first step that a couple should take towards starting their married life is matching their horoscope. Astrologer mainly helps a person in a good match and informs the couple about their compatibility and an idea about their future married life. The astrologer finds that both situations and Dasha's are suiting each other and depending upon the dasha he informs the couple and their family about auspicious wedding date and time.   marriage astrologers

Astrologers and wedding date

Astrologers will shortlist the possible dates and then it is up to the couple to decide what is suitable to them and select the date according to them. The astrologer in Marriage Astrology also looks for the birth chart of both the individual before deciding on the date. A great wedding date may not be like one-size-fits-all. Marriages are made in heaven has a team of well-experienced astrologers and Purohits who can help with just the right date for your marriage.    

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