Hanuman Jayanti - A day to mark strength & devotions - Askganesha

26 March, 2018
Hanuman Jayanti - A day to mark strength & devotions - Askganesha Hanuman Jayanti - A day to mark strength & devotions - Askganesha

Hanuman Jayanti:

There are many festivals, one such festival is the celebration of the birth of Vanara prince - Hanuman. Significantly, the full moon of Chaitra month is celebrated as Hanuman Jayanti.

Hanuman Jayanti is the day for celebration of the birth of Vanara prince Hanuman or Maruti. The 15th day of Shukla Paksha is rejoiced as hanuman jyanti. And it is celebrated by a major Hindu population to venerate the birth of the Vanara God, Hanuman. Hence, the month of Chaitra, on a full moon night (purnmasi) and it is believed that the lord hanuman was born.

Significance and Benefits of Hanuman Jayanti Puja

Hanuman ji is an ardent devotee of lord Rama. He is an incarnation of Shiva. Hence, he was born for fulfilling the special purpose. Lord Hanuman is also called as Vayu Putra.

He is a symbol of sacrifice, strength and off course the life of celibacy.

Hanuman birth legend

In the worldly aspect, Hanuman was the Son of Kesari and Anjana and therefore he was called asAnjneya. Like many other protagonists of that era, he too was a divine progeny. He was the born of Air (PawanorVayu), which earned him the sobriquetsMaruti,Pawan Putra andVayu Putra. Last, he is a re-incarnation of Lord Shiva (Rudra). And he is therefore known asRudravatar. There are various legends on how Hanuman got his name which you may readhere. Like other divine re-incarnations, his birth as a mortal was for a specific cause. He also assist Ram in his quest of Sita and fight against Ravana.

In another legend:

In another story, a frenzied Narada once cursed Vishnu that hell have to depend heavily on a monkey. After that Narada apologised and request him to withdraw his curse. After that Vishnu said this curse will give birth to Shivas re-incarnation called Hanuman, who will help Vishnus incarnation Ram to save the world and restore peace.

Even as a child he was, naughty, mighty and intelligent. He was so mighty that he mistook Sun as a ripe mango. And he went to its orbit to put the sun in his mouth. An enraged Indra attacked him with his weaponVajra. This made Vayu, Hanumans divine father angry and he started asphyxiating the whole world.

At this point various gods, including Indra, gave knowledge and mighty powers to Hanuman. This includes protection from, and control over fire, water, air, death and carnal pleasures. He is at this point that he receives some of his eightSiddhis(powers). And after that receiving the remainingSiddhisand the nineNiddhis(treasures) later from Sita.

The young Hanuman was carefree and impish. He often created small troubles for sages. As a result, some sages placed a mild curse on him which made him forget all his unearthly powers till the right time to use them.

Role in the battle of Ramayana:

Hanuman was the minister of Sugrivas army. It wasnt a coincidence. As hisGuru Dakshina(fee) for teaching Lord Sun asked him to assistSugriva. He washis mortal son on earth. He met Ram in the position of Sugrivas minister and disguised as a Brahmin.

After a search platoon of Sugrivas army hits Southern shore of Indias mainland. Its members are unable to cross the vast ocean to reach Lanka (present day Sri Lanka). At this point, Jambhawan, the wise old bear, reminds him of his forgotten powers. An elated Hanuman flies (or probably jumps) across the Indian Ocean. In this extraordinary journey, he met Mainak Parvat. It is a mountain which was waiting on the ocean bed to assist him and fulfill its destiny. And Sursa (a sea monster) whom he outwits by changing his size from colossal to microscopic proportions.

Procedure to perform the puja on Hanuman jayanti:
  • While Performing Hanuman Jayanti puja you should sit on a red coloured Aasan facing north or east.
  • Wear a red Dhoti, with a chaddar or a scarf as top garment. As red colour is associated with Hanuman ji.
  • By setting a red cloth on a small stool, set the statue of Lord by giving a seat of red flowers on a copper plate.
  • Also offer red flowers by spreading the vermillion on the image or on the deity idol of Hanuman.
  • After worshiping the vermillion on Hanuman- statue, worship the sun-lamp, the unbounded, the flower and the Nayveda etc.
  • Burn the lamps in Sesame oils and use the same for dhoop.
  • Chant 12 names of Hanuman at least 151 times.
  • On this auspicious day the devotees of the lord flock to temples. And also apply orange sindoor on their foreheads from the idol of Hanuman Ji covered with sindoor.
  • The deity Hanuman ji is said to have magical powers to build or destroy anything. As his strength of character is looked upon as a symbol of power and force. He can do anything from moving the mountains to swallowing the sun and overpowering the evil.
  • He is widely worshiped on the Tuesday of every week. There are several benefits one earns by performing puja on every Tuesday.
  • If you are aggressive and violent in nature, an early morning Hanuman Puja and fasting will turn out to really helpful for the tranquillity of your life.
  • The things required for the Hanuman puja necessarily includes a yantra/ frame/ murti, red cloth. Some fruits (preferably banana), energized Aggarbatti, water, kumkum, flowers etc. Furthermore, The fasting on Tuesdays helps one achieve respect, power and strength. For better results continue the fasts until 11 Tuesdays.


Significance and Benefits of Hanuman Jayanti Puja:
  • Increases the physical and mental strength
  • It is very auspicious day for doing Lord Hanuman puja blesses you health, wealth and prosperity.
  • The Lord Hanuman Puja helps the individual to overcome from the hurdles in the path of the success.
  • Furthermore, this puja is being performed for the immediate recovery from physical problem or from the illness.

Doing lord hanuman puja fill the life of devotee with full of energy and confidence so that he/she can perform good deeds for others. Get the divine blessings of Hanuman ji on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti by getting a personalised puja done from AskGanesha.com. You can also opt for following services at our website.

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