Planetary Placements and its effects in the epic Ramayana

07 December, 2022
Planetary Placements and its effects in the epic Ramayana Planetary Placements and its effects in the epic Ramayana

Almost all the Indian Epics have a trail of instances or stories referring to planetary positions and their effects on the horoscope or Kundali. Did you know that Maharishi Valmiki who is the writer of the Srimad Ramayana was an Astrologer and a Palmist? He has made many sequential astronomical references to all the important events in Ramayana. The ancient epic has so many indications about the location of Planets, Sun, Moon, Star, and Constellations. Recently, I read a book written about Valmiki's Ramayana, where I found very interesting astrological interpretations. It says that Valmiki has hidden Astro palmistry details in Ramayana, using mythical symbolic characters. For instance, at one point this book has correlated between Kumbhkarana’s sleeping pattern with the planet Jupiter’s retrograde transit time. Many other such comparatives of characters with the position of the Celestial body can be seen in this contemporary book. Hence, this theory compelled me to explore the connection between Astrology and planetary positions as explained in Ramayana. I discovered that there are many references to astronomy and astrology in the Valmiki epic. It has seven chapters, each of which has some references to Muhurtha, Lagna, Nakshatras, and cosmic arrangements.

Few Citations which will Reinforce The Significance Of Astrology in Ramayana

  • There are shlokas in Bala Kanda in Ramayana which tells about Lord Rama's birth. He took birth in the Navami of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month in the Punarvasu Nakshatra. Maharishi Valmiki tells us it was the same Nakshatra when Shree Rama had returned after completing 14 years of exile. Hence, Ram Navami is celebrated in the Chaitra month every year.
  • The planetary compatibility was checked before the Marriages of Shree Rama and his brothers. It was solemnized during auspicious Uttar Phalguna star muhurat.
  • In Ayodhya Kanda there are references to Utpata-Karaka which has a connection to dreams, death, conspiracy and Vastu shastra. Dashratha had decided to make Shri Ram the king because he came to know about these planetary positions in his horoscope.
  • While Hanuman was returning from Lanka the Epic has described graphical and poetic details of the eight constellations. Valmiki has also said that it was a Solar Eclipse on the day Bali died.
  • One very strong belief that can be traced back to Valmiki's Ramayana. The belief is that the Lord Hanuman worshipers are always safe from Shani Devs’ malefic effects.

Are you aware of their story narrated by sage Valmiki in the Epic?

'When Hanuman was returning after meeting Mata Sita he met Lord Shanidev who was captured by Ravana. Hanuman rescued him from the palace captivation. In gratitude, Shani gave a boon to Hanuman. That Hanuman and his worshipers will never get affected by the detrimental Shani Drishti or inauspiciousness. From that day onwards, people worship Lord Hanuman, especially on Saturday. To mitigate or nullify harmful effects of Shani’s Drishti or Sadhe Sati. Askganesha performs special Hanuman Puja and Shani Puja based on its effects on your Kundali (horoscope) Lord Rama commenced the epic war with Ravana after performing Maa Durga Puja. The Goddess of Shakti was invoked by Shree Rama during a favorable planetary transit to bless him with Victory. These references clearly show our Astrology Embedded Roots in ancient Epics

Lord Rama and Ravana both had Panch-Mahapurusha yogas and an equally strong horoscope. They were of mighty descent due to the strong positions of  Surya for Rama and  Jupiter planet for Ravana in the tenth house. However, the Moon position separated their perspectives in life. Ravana’s Moon was positioned with malefic Saturn. While Lord Rama’s Moon was with the auspicious Jupiter. As a consequence, their life’s purpose turned into different ways.


It strengthens our belief in planetary positions and their effects on life. I also learned that whoever you are, you cannot change your destiny if you do not accept it and find solutions to alleviate the evil effects and escape your consequences. Even Ravana, the greatest Astrologer could not escape the consequences because he did not realize that he was behaving under the vicious effects of stars and planets. He never implemented his immense knowledge and wisdom to look for solutions. Askganesha can surely help you identify the trouble-causing planet positions and to nullify its effects we will do Puja and Anushthans for your well-being and prosperity. 

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