Astrology and The Modern Lifestyle - Its Importance and Rules

26 May, 2018

How important is Astrology?

Astrology is very important in or life, our day begins with reading our daily and monthly horoscope in newspaper or in our devices. It becomes a mode of our thinking, based on the fact that what we think or what we are makes our astrology the same. For example an economist would make the financial news as his astrological predictions. For him/her the marketing mode will be the mode of astrology.


The mode of astrology mainly depends on the way we perceive it. Mainly it is the scientific mode of thinking and can mould itself into the thinking modes of other subjects as well. It meets the condition of scientific thinking, and hence it means that it is logical, testable and is open to all for examination and checking. Hence we can say that, astrology is important because it creates suspense about our future at the same time it is open to all for testing of this suspense. Anyone can learn astrology and can gain the knowledge and thinking. In India we follow Indian Astrology among the various forms.

The real rules of Astrology:


The calculation of the birth chart, involves great deal of astronomy, while the interpretation of the same involves the astrology. For example, Mars symbolizes activity and Saturn determines the slowness. Hence we can say that the birth chart includes many permutation combinations. So that it is able to describe and determine the various situations in life. Followings are some rules of Astrology:
  • It is a simple tool- has no power than what you give it to.
  • It is a blueprint about the roadmap of life ahead of you.
  • There is no bad chart you know how to align with the divinity and this is the work of an astrologer.
  • There are no bad charts, and no one is the victim of their chart in fact your chart is actually a suggestion of the times ahead and the astrologer her will help you align with divinity.
  • The reading of astrology in paper and devices should not be trusted as it is like parlor games. This type of Astrology came around 20th

The modern day Hypothesis of Astrology:

As we now that Astrology is an old science and art of studying human behaviour and life patterns. It determines predicts our future based on the past and present of the native. But this is old school analysis; here are the modern day hypothesis of Astrology:
  • Our birth chart reveals our potentials and the aims and objectives of our life.
  • The decoding of all the symbols that are present in our horoscope chart has to be done in proper manner.
  • The view points that are seen in our horoscope charts are mainly connected with the planetary movements at the particular time.
Significance of Astrology in daily life:

  • As we know that one aspect of Astrology is the movement of planets. These planetary movements then determine the attributes of the human nature. The planetary movements at the time of birth.
  • It provides objectivity of the birth chart which is independent of the individual opinion. At the same time it provides a detailed understanding of almost every aspect of Life, which can be understood as exactly described.
  • It enables us to understand our life path.
We understood what astrology is; now we know that it is not just the science but also the determing factor of the human behaviour. So to know the roots of your behaviour contact us to read your Astrological chart.

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