5 Most Powerful Gemstones that attracts Money

25 January, 2024
5 Most Powerful Gemstones that attracts Money 5 Most Powerful Gemstones that attracts Money

The key to being rich is hard work and luck. But, in addition to it, astrological remedies can fetch you abundance. Amongst the ways to have a handsome bank balance, wearing gemstones can also be productive in enhancing your financial status. There are majorily 9 types of gemstones for 9 planets but here we are focussing on the 5 Most Powerful Gemstones that attracts Money, Good Luck and bring financial independence.

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Gemstones for Money and Good Finances

Blue Sapphire

Sapphires are of many kinds, but the red and blue colors of sapphire help in harnessing wealth and fiscal gains in life. Blue Sapphire is called Neelam stone in Hindi, are light blue stones assumed to negate the negativity in life and enrich it with wealth. It also offset the adverse effect of planet Saturn. The bearer of gemstone cherishes triumph over the hurdles and attains privileged circumstances. This stone is blessed with the blessings of Shani and facilitates a hurdle-free and wealthy life.

Yellow Sapphire

It is called Pukhraj in Hindi and is regarded as stone for materialistic abundance or gains. This is a highly prescribed gemstone as per astrology to nurture happiness, abundance, and monetary harmony in life. Yellow sapphire is also suggested by astrologers for the quick accomplishment of any event in life like a marriage. Lemon-shaded yellow pukhraj caters  positivity, confidence, and lavishness followed by opening the blocked roads of growth opportunities. Cultivate the financial benefits through the yellow Sapphire by adorning your index finger with it.


Commonly known as Panna in Hindi lingo, this is a green-colored gemstone that has the profound potential to change the financial status of your fortune. Emerald, the precious gemstone acts as a magnet to attract good luck, financial profoundness, luxury, and intelligence. This gemstone is ruled by mercury which confers comfort in the life of the bearer. Storing it in a zone where you store your precious items ensures all-round happiness, prosperity, health, and gains.


It is the lemon color transparent and soft gemstone that is highly beneficial in having a drift towards financial stability and a regular source of income. Also, the Merchant’s stone is said to be a stone typically for businessmen to have prospering business. Wearing it on the right finger, and keeping it in a wallet or locker can take you towards the execution of your urge towards monetary profusion and opportunities.


Jade is a green-colored gem commonly called jadeite and nephrite. Amongst various stones said to be miraculous in becoming rich, Jade is at the top position. Highly popular in China, this gemstone facilitates positivity, wealth, and growth to the bearer. The gem has a calming and soothing impact on the mind. It is studded in a pendant and ring most commonly to foster luck, wealth, and good times. Those not willing to wear can procure its benefits by placing it in a locker or other parts of the home used to stock valuables.

How to check which gemstone is good for you?

The normal practice in astrology is to recommend the Gemstone as per the Traditional astrology which is done by majority of the astrologers who have a preconceived notion and follow fixed principles. The gemstones recommended usually are as per the lordship of the planet such as Lagna lord, fifth lord, ninth lord, dasha lord etc. But AskGanesha Astrologers used the division of horoscope up to the sub lord level. The placement of planet in the particular Nakshatra, further on in the specific sub lord and the overall analysis of the effects of the planets is analyzed before judging right gemstone. It is always kept in mind that the gemstone recommended should be effective for the purpose it is required. The gemstone has to be set in specific metal which also depends upon the horoscope of the native. The gems suggested will increase the positive effects of the planets.

Know the best gemstones to pacify your planet by experts to have your every manifestation turn true.

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