Top four gemstones to control anger

01 February, 2024
Top four gemstones to control anger Top four gemstones to control anger

In our modern world, anger has become an issue for almost every human being. Every individual in some way, shape or form struggles and deals with anger issues in his life. Especially with the fast-paced world that we live in today with all its stresses, anxiety, and its hustle & bustle, getting angry quickly and easily is a natural consequence of fury. Rage is destructive in its nature and can lead to personal, physical, and professional harm to oneself if not put under control. Therefore, we must figure out a way to get rid of anger or in some way put it under control, so it does not harm our lives in any way.  

One way to put our anger under control and see it does not escalate is through gemstones. Gemstones are specially cut stones in a certain way and are known to have certain healing and calming properties. There are a few gemstones that are particularly known for having energies that halt anger issues, and bring a positive and cool influence into our lives. Find our in this Blog that what to wear to control anger.

The top four gemstones that are particularly helpful in controlling anger. 


Amethyst is a gemstone with a beautiful purple hue and is mostly known for its calming properties. This gemstone is of a healing nature and is known to have healing properties within it. Due to its purple color, it is related to the crown chakra and hence helps remove negative and angry thoughts that might arise and cleanse our souls. Anger and stress arise in one’s mind and body through negativity and anxiety which can be released by meditating with the amethyst crystal. The gemstone has energies of purifying and attracts positive energy towards itself. If you meditate alongside this crystal, then it will enhance your spiritual connection to yourself and bring in inner peace and calmness.

Rose Quartz

As the name may suggest, ‘Rose’ is the stone of love and relationships. This pink gemstone is associated with compassion and empathy. By bringing Rose quartz into your life, you will be inviting the energies of forgiveness and compassion into your life, hence halting your anger. It also helps to deepen your connection with your loved ones which removes negativity from your life. It helps to clean out the toxic energies that are tapped within your mind, body, and soul. Connected to the heart chakra, meditating with it can help to control your temper and in turn push you to foster better relationships. It can be a powerful agent in resolving your anger and giving you a more empathetic view of your relationships.


Citrine is a gemstone that is yellow in color, and it helps to open the higher mind to release negative emotions or energies that might be stuck in our mind or body. It is mostly known for its properties of bringing joy back into our lives by uplifting our mood and reducing our triggers for anger. This gemstone is attached to our solar plexus, sacral, and crown chakra which means meditating with Citrine allows us to be open to accepting wealth and abundance in our lives while also manifesting our desires into real life. Hence by guiding joy and happiness into our lives Citrine helps to reduce the flow of toxicity and anger from our lives and helps us to control it. 


Hematite is a captivating gemstone known for its metallic luster and amazing appearance associated with the root chakra. By assisting the flow of blood into our bodies, Hematite helps to reduce our anger and keeps us calm. As with the root chakra, it encourages our connection with the earth and, hence grounding us. It offers us serenity, stability, and clarity of thought because of its earthly energies. Hematite is a gemstone that you can keep in your pocket or wear as a bracelet. It will move you towards a more relaxed and tranquil peace of mind while also pacifying your negative and angry thoughts.  

Even though gemstones can be a powerful tool to help us reduce our anger issues it is not the end all be all. If you are having severe anger issues and are unable to control yourself or your impulses it is best to seek the advice or help of a professional astrologer.

By harnessing the positive energies of these gemstones and letting them guide our lives into a more empathetic and serene lifestyle we can control our anger and annoyance problems greatly. You can first-hand experience the transformative powers of these gemstones by introducing gemstones into your anger management routine. Bringing the right gemstones at the right time in your life can certainly result in a more peaceful and happy life. 

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