Those Who Have These 5 Auspicious Yoga in Their Horoscope, There Is No Shortage of Money throughout Their Life

05 June, 2023
Those Who Have These 5 Auspicious Yoga in Their Horoscope, There Is No Shortage of Money throughout Their Life Those Who Have These 5 Auspicious Yoga in Their Horoscope, There Is No Shortage of Money throughout Their Life

In this article we are going to discuss on the issue those who these 5 auspicious yoga in their horoscope, there is no shortage of money throughout their life. You can never deny the fact that human beings always cherish the desire that the planets remains in their favor and shower on them absolute happiness. According to Vedic Astrology there are some Yogas which enhance the overall potential of one’s life. However, it is utmost desire of everyone to amass wealth but how they become so is not known to the aspirants. They remain unaware of the concept of 5 auspicious Yoga in the horoscope that make human being rich. These 5 auspicious yoga include Ruchak Yoga, Bhadra Yoga, Hansa Yoga, Malavya Yoga, and Shasha Yoga. 

The 5 auspicious yoga can make a person prosperous, influential, wealthy and highly versatile. You may ask the question- which planets are associated with such affluence. The Vedic astrology is ready to offer you the answer. According to Vedic astrology, there are   five planets in the celestial firmament that form his great Yoga. These 5 planets are so to say, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn.  These yoga form on the basis of transit. The Yoga in astrology is the most highly esteemed Yoga formed by planets. So let’s assess how do they influence human success, career and life in general? Let’s cast a glance at their contribution to making someone affluent. 

Formation of the 5 Auspicious Yoga

We must take into consideration the fact that Yoga and Dosha are important aspects of Vedic astrology. The Yoga shower good results and Doshas are responsible the malefic results. 5 auspicious Yoga is formed by the placement of any of the 5 planets (out of 9) in a person’s birth chart. To make the benefic Yoga the said planet has to be posited in angles (Konas) or kendras (1, 4, 7, 10 Bhavas) in their very exaltation, mooltrikona, or own sign. 

Planets associated with Five Auspicious Yoga

Mercury Bhadra Yoga

Jupiter      Hansa Yoga

Venus      Malavya Yoga

Mars         Ruchak Yoga

Saturn      Shasha Yoga

The great Yoga can be created by the planets mentioned above and they offer different results in the lives of the natives. It is regarded as the most auspicious Yoga that can make the natives intelligent, affluent, skilful and highly creative. Let us now try to understand these auspicious yogas in details.

The Particular Types of Panch Mahapurush Yoga

Ruchak Yoga

The fiery Mars is behind creating this Yoga. It is regarded as one of the most powerful one among the five. It is discussed in astrology that Mars is associated with energy, passion and absolute assertion. Then how the Yoga is formed

The very yoga is formed h moment Mars is posited in te house of Ascendant, Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn

Aeries, Cancer, Aquarius in the very 10th house

Libra, Leo and Capricorn are there in the 7th house. To be more specific, the moment mars is placed in the kendra houses i.e. 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house from the lagna or ascendant. It is placed in the Trikona i.e. 1st 5th or 9th in Aries, Scorpio or Capricorn. The moment other planets of the birth chart are posited well the impact of the Ruchak Yoga may be enhanced by all means.

Bhadra Yoga

Bhadra yoga is associated with Mercury. Mercury is linked with knowledge, sharpness of mind and intelligence. Mercury is the benefactor of wit, curiosity and humor. Overall these qualities are directly associated with higher learning.

Hansa Yoga

Jupiter is the planet of absolute justice, excellence, responsibility and systematic manners. Jupiter signifies expansion and total growth. It is a very auspicious Yoga as Jupiter is a planet of wealth. This planet is revered as the Guru that grants the person with all round knowledge and pure soul. 

Malavya Yoga

Venus is the planet of prosperity, marital happiness, and total luxury. It caters to all the extravagance and beauty.  When a person has Malavya Yoga, Venus is ready to bestow on the natives luxury and wealth.

Sasha Yoga

Saturn is regarded a malefic planet, generally associated with hurdles and troubles. The natives born with Sasha yoga go on enjoying riches, accomplishments, superiority, and total prestige. However, though Saturn forms the Sasha Yoga, it is noted that only 3 times in 30 years it takes place as the planet takes 2.5 years to transit to one sign and 30 years to transit to all 12 signs of the zodiac. 

Effects of  5 Yoga on Natives

It is true that each planet may produce different Yogas that impact one’s life in a different way. One common thing among all the yogas is the showering of fortunes that come with them. They fetch positivity and wealth to the natives.

Ruchak Yoga

Mars forms the Yoga. People born with this Yoga possess enough ‘courage’. Other blessings that are showered are up rise of moral characteristics and pleasant looks. These natives may show prowess in sports, bureaucracy, police force, political ovements, administration, and the military. They are highly authoritative. Wherever they go, they can be great helpers.

It is the Ruchak Yoga that bestows the natives with prosperity, authority, boldness, fame, land, authority, valor, and sound physic. 

Bhadra Yoga

With this Yoga, the planet Mercury is associated with. It is ready to shower its wisdom and sharpness to the natives. They may be the most easy-going and broad-minded persons. They possess a research-oriented outlook and are always eloquent.

These people are graced with a youthful appearance and long life span. Apart from prosperity name and fame, Bhadra Yoga bridges harmonious relationships with relatives and siblings. People born with this Yoga support their relatives in time of need all the way.

People graced with this Yoga may become expert in mathematical calculations, wealthy, and sagacious. They are the best fit in the sectors where speech plays the crucial role, like IT, media, advertising, sales and marketing.

Hansa Yoga

It is regarded by some astrologers as the most potent Yoga. It shows on the person enough spiritual knowledge. The natives with Hansa Yoga are born beautiful. This Yoga is in full prowess during the Mahadasha of Jupiter. Although the natives enjoy the fortunes of wealth, they are more prone to charitable deeds. 

These naives fit well in banking and finance sectors, NGOs and education. The sagacity stimulated by Devguru Jupiter makes these people humble. They are always ready to stand by the oppressed and distressed. Again they also advocate helping the poor and needy.

Malavya Yoga

Venus forms Malavya Yoga that makes a native intelligent and beautiful. These people possess international fame, get attractive spouse, and do very well in jobs that need extensive travelling. Luck always favors these people. Venus blesses them with luxury by all means.

These people are generally famous in music, singing, television shows, jewelry making and allied business, entertainment, dance, and luxury items. They do exceptionally well in their career with the grace of Venus.

They not only amass wealth, people with this Yoga have broad minds and selfless attitudes. 

Sasha Yoga

A native-born with Sasha Yoga has great political intelligence and significant authority over the subordinates. They are very popular among their own people and in the society too. 

They achieve incredible accomplishments in railway jobs, import and export, leather, road construction, all kinds of automobiles, mining, and agriculture.

These people believe in justice, and are highly charitable and honest. However it is fortune and standard that generally comes to them in the later stages of their life. 

Auspicious Yoga Cancellation

Undoubtedly the Yoga is very auspicious, but one may miss its effects when the other planets or placements stand on the way of cancellation. 

Any of the 5 auspicious yoga may be completely nullified the moment Ketu is conjunct with the planet that forms the Yoga.

Panch Mahapurush Yoga is one of the most revered Yogas in Vedic astrology. According to some classical texts of astrology if the planet forming this Yoga is conjunct either with Moon or Sun, it can give rise to the auspicious Yoga cancellation by all means. 

To Conclude

Those who have these 5 auspicious yoga in their horoscope, there is no shortage of money throughout their life. These five yoga bring abundance, fame, prosperity and fortune. But the Yoga cancellation can disrupt all the fortunes. What’s important to remember is that he native cannot enjoy favorable results without proper actions. Irrespective of the situation one should strive to achieve what he/she desires. 

Understanding the 5 auspicious yoga and its impacts on the natal charts of the natives can confuse them by all means. Therefore, it is the best way to consult a honed astrologer to know what is hidden in your own birth chart or kundli. It is totally confusing to a common man to have any idea of the favorable Yogas unless the astrologer hints at them and go on illustrating them in an authentic manner. 

There are five renowned yoga those undoubtedly seem very auspicious to bring name, fame, wealth, and prosperity. You can enjoy fortune for a lifetime once you are lucky enough to be born with any of the 5 yoga and keep it in mind that those who have these 5 auspicious yoga in their horoscope, there is no shortage of money throughout their life.


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