Remedies for Promotion at work place

Remedies To Get Promotion In Job

These remedies will prove to be a boon for those who want promotion at their work place; it gives solution to get the advancement in the job, and job security. All working people are always, on a lookout for their promotion and increment of salary. There are times that even after a lot of hard work and working overtime, the employee don't get the desired out come. So these employees and workers get depressed and tend to go a wrong way. Some people come to astrologers, to remove all and every sort of obstruction that the employees are facing on their path of promotions.

Remedies to get job and promotion in job :

Yantra puja :

  • If the horoscope weak 10th house in kundli then chanting the mantra pertaining to the lord of the 10th house will help in removing the dosh pertaining to this house.
  • If the person suffers from the malefic effects of different planets, then there is a problem in the job. To get rid of this, the Navgrahas Homam at home or Abhishek should be anointed at the temple. With this effect, negative energy is removed and positive energy is transmitted. Navajava Homam and Abhishek also get rid of the efects of Rahu-Ketu.
  • Offering of water at the time of sunrise, and  chanting Gayatri Mantra, or Surya mantra, will enable to get the desired result, or get promotion. By doing this, there is a growth in business life. The positive energy that comes with the influence of the Sun gives man the power to fight the difficulties in life. With this effect, you will be able to work in harmony with your senior colleagues and officials at the work place.
  • On Saturday, the burning of oil in the Shani temple is also going away.  Chanting Shani Mantra reduces the side effects related to Saturn. With the positive energy received by the grace of Saturn, a new energy is communicated in our professional life.
  • Those who are involved in Business, for growth of their business and profits, it is advised that install this   Vypar Vridhi Yantra in your work place or office. With the positive effect of this yantra, the crisis of money gain, satisfaction and financial loss is overcome. It also helps in the expansion of partnership and business.
  • Apart from these remedies, the principles of Feng shui state that the northern direction is related to the increase in career and professional life, so taking action related to it leads to advancement in the work area. The north direction represents water, blue, black and purple colour. In such a case, putting water containers, fountains, aquariums and different colours of fish and other sea creatures in the north, as well as blue or black paintings on the wall in the north, are very beneficial for professional life.
How to get job promotions early?

More easy remedies that you should do to attract good career and money

Serve Cows

By serving Gau Mata or Mother Cow, the desires of the people are fulfilled. Therefore, the employer should serve the cow mother daily. This will improve your job. As a result, your promotion or salary will increase, and people who are not worried by getting a job will get a new job. Measures for cow's service: While leaving the house for office, take a little dough and jaggery with you. Then feed the dough and jaggery where the cow appears on the way.

Combined remedies and feeding Mixed grains to birds :

For the people who want the job or promotion, feed the mixed grains to the birds daily. There is a simple and precise solution to get the obstacles, promotion or the desired movements in the job.

  • Combine seven types of grains together. Mixed grains can include wheat, jowar, maize, millet, rice and pulses. Now feed this mixed grain every day to the birds.
  • Donate a dark blanket to someone else.
  • While moving out of the house put your right leg first.
  • Offer water on Peepal tree in the morning and wish for promotion.
  • On Sunday or Tuesday, wishing to get a promotion in the house, bake a barbed coconut in red cloth and flush it towards the east direction flowing in water.
  • While leaving the house, rotate a lemon 7 times above your head and put four cloves in it. Now place this lemon in your pocket or bag and keep the evening in some running water or in a deserted place.
  • Under the Peepal tree on every Saturday, light the larva of Saraso/ mustard oil and do a parikrama 7 times.
  • Water each day on the tree of Peepal but do not touch the tree.
  • Serve father and give him some possible gifts.
  • Take 11 whole leaves of Peepal and write Ram-Ram with red sand on them and keep each leaf from the forehead. When Ram-Rama is written on all the leaves, making Molly Mala, pray to Hanuman ji and ask him to wear this garland. Do this by 7 consecutive Saturdays.
  • While giving a job interview, churning 4 cloves in one lemon, Han Hanumante Namah chant 21 times and keep the lemon in pocket or purse and come back and put it under a Peepal tree.

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